Kal Hans Naturals: Pampering Yourself Without Fail!

Brand: Kal Hans Naturals

Founder: Lisa D’mello

Founding Date: 2010

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Kal Hans Naturals is a beauty brand that is known for its natural vegan products, besides luxurious skincare products for women. Indeed, a powerful and confident woman deserves nothing less than the best.

Every age has a unique phase of beauty. Embracing this beauty is the main motive behind the products offered by Kal Hans. Apart from that, it becomes necessary for many individuals to make the right choice when going for a skincare product on a long-term basis.

The founder, Lisa, spent at least eight years making this skincare brand a reality. Besides, in recent years, the popularity of the brand, as well as its products, has spread across many states in India, mostly gathering positive reviews and comments. Indeed, this brand surely does offer wide-ranging as well as high-quality products!

Uniq Stories - Kal Hans Naturals
Source: Kal Hans Naturals

The Main Motive

The brand’s way of thinking revolves around persistent improvement, development, and trust in one’s skin rather than taking a stab at unreasonable principles of excellence. This is because what makes you extraordinary, undoubtedly makes you one of a kind. Kal Hans Naturals is a brand that praises blemishes and characteristics, furnishing you with the most delightful, useful, and supplement-rich fixings, to lead you on a way to turning yourself into your best self.

Realizing beyond any doubt that human activities impact the planet, it was likewise imperative to the skincare brand to make a name that could both emphatically impact the clients as well as the current circumstances. With an end goal to do as such, the brand makes eco-friendly, supportable decisions that limit the natural effect, from the bundling to the fixings.

The main point is basic: To give you the best common skincare out there that is extraordinary for you and the planet.

Uniq Stories - Kal Hans Naturals
Source: Kal Hans Naturals

Vitals Involved

Kal Hans Naturals uses ingredients that are completely free from GMOs, fillers, chemicals, fragrances as well as other toxins and colours. Dynamic recuperating ingredients such as Rosehip and Pomegranate are used at ideal proportions to light up as well as restore the tone of your skin – thus leaving your skin feeling delicate and vibrant. You have just one body and it merits the best! Kal Hans presents to you the best products to lift your skincare routine and give you bright as well as shining skin. Since the best look involves your natural beauty.

Another interesting fact is that Kal Hans involves zero percent water in the majority of its products. Thus, this way, you can enjoy the concentrated benefits of individual ingredients in your purchased product. One of the best-selling products so far is the skin rejuvenator serum. The brand was first established with only three items that conveyed the brand’s overall ideology. Besides, the rejuvenation night serum, as well as the rose petal face mist, were the most popular products during that era. The ingredients used were jojoba, pomegranate as well as rosehip. These ingredients ensure that the skin gets ample benefits from the product.

Every product is unique and targets a specific skin problem. If you suffer from acne, then you can opt for products that target oily skin problems. Apart from that, you may be surprised to know that the packaging is done in a completely eco-friendly manner using glass bottles as well as boxes made up of paper. Indeed, it is high time to celebrate your transformation, both mentally as well as physically with Kal Hans Naturals.

Uniq Stories - Kal Hans Naturals
Source: Kal Hans Naturals

Shipping & Services

By visiting the official website of the brand, you can gain access to a variety of high-quality products. Apart from that, you may also find essential oils as well as lip balms. Another most interesting fact is that on your first order, you are eligible to get ten percent off. You can always contact the customer support team in case you have any technical issues when ordering or purchasing online.

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