Kara and Nate, Meet The Coolest Travelling Couple Ever!

Name: Kara & Nate

Niche: Travelling / Travel Bloggers

Location: Nashville, USA

Industry: Creators, Influencer

Who Are Kara And Nate?

Kara and Nate are high-school sweethearts who are married and have succeeded in pursuing their dream of travelling together. They travel the world, discover places, and never miss to make their followers jealous of their lifestyle!

Kara and Nate have seen more than a hundred countries together and if that is not the goal, I don’t know what is!

How Did They Decide To Travel Full-Time?

Kara and Nate originally belong to Nashville, Tennessee. They were two teenagers recklessly dreaming of travelling the world, just like any of us might have. But unlike us all, they took a risk in making their dreams come true by moving out of their apartment in 2016 after they got married. They sold their cars, packed all of their stuff, and bought a one-way ticket to Japan. They planned to travel the world in the coming year, enjoy life, then go back to Nashville to settle down and get serious about their “career”. Had that been the case, we would never be able to witness their craziness.

They thank Youtube for becoming their career and keeping them on the road still. They are now full-time travel bloggers and Youtubers with over 2.2 million subscribers!

They have been travelling for more than 4 years now. They had planned to see 100 countries together and in 2019, they completed their goal!

Uniq Stories - Kara & Nate
Source: Kara & Nate

Let Us Look Into Their Dream-Like Travel Stories

When we think of a vacation, it means an escape to some unknown place once or twice a year. For Kara and Nate, their life is a vacation that people aspire to live. To think of a country or two in a year is normal but to cover 100 countries in 4 years? Sounds crazy fun!

They have travelled to superpower countries like Russia, Italy, France, Belgium to underdeveloped countries like Chile, Uruguay, Slovenia, etc. Their visits to some of the world’s most exotic countries like Dubai, Maldives, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. have made us pray to live their life at least once.

To see them have fun and not just visit places like tourists is what makes their travel vlogs so different from the rest. They try to speak the language of the place, make local friends, eat food from both 5-star hotels and street-side junk food, dance to local music, etc. they do not focus on the elites, instead, they try and have the utmost local experience a country might provide them. This ensures that they not only blend into their surroundings but make their blogs and videos informative.

Their videos have information from where to eat when you are in a particular country to where you have to visit, be it monuments or places or any other tourist place, and what to expect from your vacation.

What Is To Date The Best Country They Have Visited?

When it is from a list of more than a hundred countries, it is difficult to choose. Making a difficult choice, the best was their trip to the Maldives, the place Kara called “the dream destination of our lives”. Naturally, their excitement was visible throughout the videos!

They started their journey by vlogging their trip from the time they arrived at the airport. They travelled from New York to the Maldives in Business class via Turkish Airlines.

On arriving the first thing they did was to give a quick tour of island Soneva and that is all enough to mesmerize even us. Diving centres to a spa, over-water palaces to organic gardens, Maldives seems to be out of the world. The next thing they did was reveal that a whole island had been booked by them to spend their days in the country. The island had the most luxurious resort and Kara and Nate were to be its owners for a couple of days. They then proceeded further to give a tour of their resort and here I can vouch that the place was straight out of our dreams!

They are also seen enjoying the sunset by sitting on the beach. If only we could witness that!

Uniq Stories - Kara & Nate
Source: Kara & Nate

How Do They Manage All This Financially?

When they began, they had saved a handsome sum of $30,000 that they thought would last them a year. They had saved religiously so that they could travel without having to worry about money now and then. Savings are important people!

Halfway through their journey, they decided to make their Youtube Channel a business account. This supported them to sustain their journey after the first year of travelling. Hence, their income to manage such a huge fan-following comes from different sources like Youtube Ad Revenue, Patreon, Video Licensing, Courses Sales, etc.

What Do We Think Of Kara And Nate’s Travelling Blogs?

Apart from living what remains a dream to most of us, they teach us a lot of things. Things, like we need to take a risk to turn our dreams into reality or that savings, are important no matter how small or big your plans are.

Live life, enjoy it for tomorrow when we cease to exist, then it is only the memories that shall remain forever!

Until then, follow their blogs and be updated on places!