Kimirica: Self-care with the best!

Brand: Kimirica

Founder: Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain

Established Year: 2017

Headquarters: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

We all wish to provide our bodies with the best products so that we can give the best care to ourselves. For our mind to be happy and radiating, our body should be healthy and sound. We often compromise with self-care and hence, fail to give ourselves the necessary nourishment that it requires. We fail to grow and glow from within and eventually find ourselves in a slump.

It is very necessary to treat our bodies with the best products. But it is very hard to find products that truly care for your skin and body. Kimirica is one such brand that will care for you in the most nourishing and luxurious way possible.

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Source: Kimirica

What Is Kimirica?

Kimirica is a premium body and bath products brand that will certainly be a treat to yourself. They have a variety of unique ranges of products that will take care of your body with utmost care. Their products will make you feel special because of their exotic essence, top-quality ingredients and mystic fragrances that will captivate everyone in the best way possible. They use all the natural ingredients to create the most luxurious and rich products that will transcend you into heaven.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free And All The Goodness

All their products are 100% vegan and they don’t use any harmful or artificial ingredients in their products. Your body will get only nature’s goodness and care. And it is PETA approved so you don’t have anything to worry about. It is also cruelty-free where no animals were used to test their products. So you get the best without harming any animal. They don’t use any paraben, the preservatives because they care about the customer’s health.

Uniq Stories - Kimirica
Source: Kimirica

Chosen By Hotels

When we go to good hotels we often notice the products they give us are mostly premium and luxurious and something everyone likes. Kimirica products are chosen by top international hotel chains worldwide. This is further to confirm their quality & standards and a guarantee that it will not disappoint you.

So, if you ever doubt whether or not you want their products, think about giving yourself a holiday experience, when you stay at a top hotel and enjoy your vacation, and use the best products. It is like a less expensive vacation and top quality experience for your body.

Get Amazing Rewards

Kimirica believes in rewarding their loyal customers that is why they offer reward points. They give reward points when you sign up to their site or when it’s your birthday or when you make a purchase or when you follow, like or share on social media. Each time you will gain reward points and all you have to do is to redeem them whenever you want to.

This reward system just makes the whole buying experience exciting and makes us keep coming back for more because obviously, the products will give you amazing satisfaction.

Uniq Stories - Kimirica
Source: Kimirica

Some Of Their Popular Products

  • Bouquet Hand Care Duo:
    This is a duo pack of hand cream and soap for the complete care of your hands. It is made of frangipani and roses, the smell will linger longer and the natural ingredients will keep your hands soft.
  • Five Elements Of Shampoo:
    This is filled with all the ingredients your hair needs to be healthy. It contains Aloe Vera, Betaine and Olive oil. Pair it with their Five elements conditioner and your hair will sing with joy.
  • The French Note Body Lotion:
    It is made with premium French lavenders and other necessary nourishing ingredients like shea butter and almond oil. It will keep your body moisturized and pampered for a long time.
  • Ignis Shower Gel:
    This is a unique combination of bergamot and tea. It will soften your skin and give you a rich experience that you will yearn to come back to.

They have a variety of products for different types of flavours like a five-element body lotion, bathing bar, shower gel, etc. so you can buy the same type of all the products or try different types for each.

It will surely be a great gift to your loved ones and also to yourself. So what are you waiting for?

Go and shop now!