Love Yourself Every Day With The Switch Fix!

Brand: The Switch Fix

Founder: Rhea Shukla & Abhishek Kumar

Founding Date: 2019

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

A brand that comes to mind that sells sustainable hygiene products such as shampoo bars, soaps, hair blends, and bamboo toothbrushes is without a doubt The Switch Fix. It tends to provide your body with all the nourishment.

It is worth it without burning holes in your pocket.

They truly rely on nature for their care products thereby, saving us from the trouble of skin diseases due to the ugly chemicals widely used in today’s world. So be kind to yourself and make this brand your favourite!

Let Us Know The Story Behind This Brand’s Invention

The founders of the brand, Rhea and Abhishek, say that they are two people living in two different worlds on the same planet. They together came forward to create a brand that was balanced, healthier and was itself a sustainable world.

We were sure, something had to be done. We recalled the word “meliorism” or the opinion that human efforts can make the world a better place to live in. And so, to fix better options, the fix we invented was a simple one

– Abhishek Kumar

They have created The Switch Fix in the hope to change that with their sustainable e-commerce platform for high-quality bath and beauty products. Moreover, the best part about the products is that they are all shipped plastic-free.

Uniq Stories - The Switch Fix
Source: The Switch Fix

How Is This Brand Better For Us & The Environment?

The Switch Fix is a brand that produces a varied range of personal care products entirely from nature. But they do so smartly to not exhaust the natural resources. In this way, they are saving both nature and the exploitation of our skin. They take only what is necessary from the earthly resources with advanced technologies.

The main characteristics of their products which makes it the best of all the recent time brands are:

  • Non-polluting to water bodies when rinsed down the drain
  • Vegan/plant-based uses knowledge of nature
  • Cruelty-free, that assures no animal killing in the process
  • Water-saving products to reduce wastage
  • Non-toxic- no toxins added for utmost personal care
  • Healthy- ingredients are carefully selected to avoid skin hampering

These are the features that make their range of beauty products a must-have for every millennial. In times like these, when toxins and chemicals are casually included in our daily use products, we tend to forget their harmful effect on us in the long run.

Uniq Stories - The Switch Fix
Source: The Switch Fix

The Packaging Is All The More Fascinating When It Comes To The Switch Fix

This brand is setting examples by eliminating plastic in its packaging. When it comes to the fight against plastic waste, their packaging is sturdy enough to be shipped, durable enough to be reused. Their products are sustainable enough to be recycled or composted.

Their packaging material is unique, it is 100% biodegradable with 0% waste in it, making it one of the few brands to discard plastic and save the environment directly. This brand is not only a breathable option for your skin but a burden-less option for nature as well.

The Range Of Various Personal Care Products That This Brand Manufactures

The main categories of their products are:

  • Shampoo Bars
  • Deep Conditioners
  • Scalp & Hair Treatment
  • Skincare
  • Oral Lip Care

They cover from skincare products to hair-care, scalp nourishment, lip-care, etc. they are quite affordable than most other high-end expensive brands. This range of products is intended to clean up the mess created by the known brands whose ingredients go unread, causing health problems later that sometimes take an ugly form. With their plant-based effective creation, one can never be wrong with their choice.

Uniq Stories - The Switch Fix
Source: The Switch Fix

Overall View Of The Switch Fix

This exciting brand produces plant-based personal care products formulated to fight new-age stressors. It fights against the wrongs done to us by brands that claim to be perfectly safe. They save our skin from being exposed to unexpected damage and at the same time save our environment by not using plastic as a part of their packaging process. This brand comes as a saviour!

The team considers their brand to be an amazing step in saving the world. The Switch Fix is sure “where self-care meets planet care”.

To ignore a brand that is truly concerned for its customers and the planet we all reside in is rare. Money could have been their sole purpose too but instead, they chose to be good citizens first and contribute to nature directly.

Be generous to shower them with all the love they are giving, without expecting anything in return! Perform self-love every day with The Switch Fix!