Manali, The Snow-Covered Dream City!

Who hasn’t heard about this paradise? Every other person would have dreamt of visiting the place at least once in a lifetime. But there is no denial of the fact that Manali is the land of dreams! The snow-covered mountains, the smell of freshly made Maggi, the bone-chilling winds, and the hot springs are breathtaking sights. To all the mountain-lovers or those who love discovering new places, this is your sign to buy that ticket and strike off visiting Manali from your bucket list!

A Few Places You Need To Visit If You’re In Manali!

Manali has much more to offer than the mesmerizing view of snow-laden mountains. Of course, mountains form an integral part of the place because the serenity and peace it offers are overwhelming but you wouldn’t want to stare at the mountains for your whole trip, right? Hence, these are some places one must visit!

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Hadimba Temple

One wouldn’t want to go religious sightseeing when on such a fun-vibed trip, but this temple is a must-visit for a few reasons. The temple is 4-tier pagoda-shaped, so unique in the structure that it mesmerizes the visitor at once. There are many vendors inside the premises where you can dress in their traditional costume, sit on a yak and click pictures. Pistachios and almonds are available at a shockingly lesser price.

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Solang Valley

If you are in Manali and you do not visit Solang Valley, you haven’t visited Manali! Solang valley is the heart of Manali. The valley is covered with snow throughout the year, making it an ideal tourist spot. The place has a variety of sports like skiing, paragliding, snow-gliding, ropeway, etc. Though the activities might be a bit costly, try having a flexible budget if you’re planning to try them all!

Solang valley also has professional photographers in case you want to click pictures and make this trip an eternal memory.

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Rohtang Pass

If you have never had an adrenaline rush out of fear and excitement, this pass might give that to you. Located at an elevation of 4000 meters above sea level, this high mountain pass is nothing less than a nightmare for those with a fear of heights. This pass is a spot for many activities and is utterly famous as it has been portrayed in a lot of Bollywood movies.

Escape The Hubbub Of The City & Visit The Jogini Waterfall

Away from the main city, this waterfall is a stress buster! All of your problems would seem to vanish whilst witnessing the beauty of this waterfall amidst the greenery and peace. This is also a famous sight for trekking and as everyone knows, Manali is incomplete without at least one trekking expedition. The place gives you a glimpse of river beas and the snow-laden peaks of the Rohtang pass.

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Things You Just Cannot Miss In Manali

Apart from sightseeing and clicking pictures, if you are one of those who want to have the most out of a trip, do the basics!

  • Eat loads and loads of Maggi! Maggi from the street-side shops is a culture!
  • Try out at least one sport! Be it ropeway, skiing, or riding a mountain bike, you have to do at least one activity to make the trip memorable.
  • If you’re with your friends, this is the time to sing and dance the night away in your hotel rooms.
  • Explore! So many people do whatever is told by the tour guide that they end up visiting the most crowded places. Visit undiscovered spots and make this trip your own.
  • Dress in the Manali vibe! it is so boring wearing jeans and a tee, go buy some ethnic trousers and a headband. Thank you later!
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The Best Time To Visit Manali

If hill stations are talked about, the winter months are the best to visit (Nov-Jan). However, since these months are extremely crowded, there are chances that the places would look suffocating and the prices of hotel rooms, travel, and commodities might be hiked too. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly trip but not in the complete off-season, Feb-April might be your perfect choice!

Book The Tickets For This Is Your Sign!

Some places are overrated and their beauty is exaggerated. Then comes Manali; words might be less to describe the number of sights it has to offer. The place is versatile as it is perfect for a mountain-lover, a trekker, an adventurous soul, or even someone looking for an escape from the hectic, monotonous lifestyle.

If you do not have this place in your top-most cities to visit in India, make sure to add it today. Rest assured, Manali won’t fail to impress you!