Mannrangi: A House Of Mouth-Watering Delicacies

Brand: Mannrangi

Founder: Vikas Ramesh Bhagat

Founding Date: 2019

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

Nothing brings people together as food does, and specifically when you are in a place that serves you an amazing cuisine followed by a brainstorming collection of cocktails and mocktails. With the increasing number of restaurants and lounges, it has become really difficult to sustain in this competition with the help of unique ideas which separates your place and makes it one of the best.

With all the competition in the market, Mannrangi a newly opened lounge-restaurant in Mumbai, reflecting India’s diverse culture with aesthetic décor and nude shade interiors giving a cheerful vibe, is booming as one of the best eateries in the town already.

Here is everything you need to about Mannrangi

Aesthetic Interior

Mannrangi achieved fame in a very short period because of its eye-catching interior, reflecting eclecticism in both design and spirit. It is a spacious restaurant with soothing shades of blue walls and a striking maroon ceiling canopy with beautiful chandeliers giving the restaurant an ethnic look.

With a warm and welcoming interior in brown and beige, it aims to showcase the aesthetics with a regal touch. With a cosy and well-spread sitting, its ethnic architecture and furniture are inspired by the artefacts that adorned the Indian royal palaces.

Refraining from typical mouldings and carvings and wanted to showcase the roots of Indians history his place located on the 13th floor providing you with a beautiful view from the window seat, gives you an ultimate dining experience.

Wide Variety Of Cuisines

With a vintage interior, Mannrangi serves you a crafted food menu including North Indian, Mughlai, Modern Indian Cuisine, and South Indian diverse food offerings. With all the different items which are rare to find under one roof, it has some of its highly recommended dish which should not be missed at any cost, namely:

  • Warm Shahi Tukda With Thandai Ice-Cream: One of the best Shahi Tukda which includes fried bread in ghee with a pinch of saffron served with biscuit crumbs and thandai ice cream is one of the most enticing dishes here.
  • Chilli Cheese Kulcha: A highly recommended dish including soft kulcha stuffed with a balance between the flavours of cheese and chilly also with coriander chutney is a mouth-watering item which should not be missed.
  • Chicken Bhujing: Grilled chicken tossed in potatoes and pour, sounds delicious right? This dish is relished by anyone tasting it, thus given a name of one of the finest meal here.
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Eye-Catching Bar

With delicious cuisines, Mannrangi also takes care of the cocktails and mocktails which are worth bragging about. In addition to amazing bartenders providing a mood-lifting service, they serve a wide variety of drinks that can recharge you.

With a cheerful vibe that envelops you, it also has cosy corners for people seeking more privacy.

A few of its must-try drinks include:

  • Frozen Ocean: A vodka-based drink with a dash of blue curacao served in a glass with ice cubes is a perfect start to a meal.
  • Kala Paani: A cocktail blend of vodka with orange juice also with the Kala khatta flavour gives you the best combination with a balance of tangy flavours.
  • Whisky Detox: A punch of whiskey infused with cucumber is the best whiskey-based light refreshing cocktails available.

Spectacular Events

Manning brings you its specialized events in collaboration with different musical bands and other fun activities which makes the night full of music, dance, partying with the exceptional service at hand.

A few of the events include:

  • Mannrangi Sunday
  • Wednesday Vocals
  • Finally Friday


All in all, Mannrangi is a place with abundant natural light which is more than enough to brighten your day, with a nominal pricing and a great service which is its key to achieve the ultimate level of fame and success, this place ensures to uplift your mood and brings you delight.

The best memories are made around the table where laughter is the brightest and food is best.

Fine dining is an episodic treat for most people and Mannrangi treats you the best.