Meet Kamiya Jani, The Travel Enthusiast Who Sacrificed It All For Her Dreams!

Name: Kamiya Jani

D.O.B: 25th May 1988

Niche: Travel Enthusiast & Vlogger

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Content Creator, Influencer

Do you ever wonder how exciting it would be to travel to different countries and make it your profession?

Well, Kamiya Jani made it possible! The editor-in-chief and founder of Curly Tales lives a dream which most of us can only aspire to. She left her job as a well-known TV news anchor to travel the world. She also runs an online discovery platform alongside her travelling expeditions.


Kamiya did her schooling at a private school in Mumbai and went on to pursue her bachelor’s degree in mass media from RC National College. Later, she opted to study law. Her family members loved to travel and during the holidays they would spend time discovering nature and travelling to new places. By the time Kamiya was a teenager, she had already visited several places across the country and a few foreign places. Her wanderlust nature can be therefore traced back to her childhood.

When it came to her career, she wanted to become a news anchor. She became a news anchor after working in a media space for years. However, her wanderlust trait did not leave her whenever she travelled. She loved the perks of being an anchor, but all she wanted was to pack her bags and travel at the back of her mind! She tried managing both her job and travelling but it became hectic.

Uniq Stories - Kamiya Jani
Source: Kamiya Jani

The Career Switch

Kamiya grew bored of the same monotonous routine of waking up early in the morning for a TV show and decided to make a change. When she looked around she realized no platforms were showing local discovery and travel tales and that’s how Curly Tales came into being.

Curly tales is a platform with content on food, travel, lifestyle, and experiences. Being the only platform with such in-depth knowledge of the surroundings, it became an instant hit. This was Kamiya’s turning point in life. She now seems to be living a dream but what people don’t understand is the sacrifices and hard work that went into making it a success.

Curly Tales

This is an extremely engaging platform as the knowledge, experiences, and documentaries shared are real-life experiences! Kamiya has done a remarkable job building this platform. Curly Tales covers all that is required when you travel to a place- food, local experiences, lifestyles, culture, expenditure, etc. therefore the website might also be looked at as a travelling guide.

If you are someone to whom travelling doesn’t appeal, this platform might be your chance of visiting different places by sitting at home! Not only does she upload videos of her travel expeditions but there is a different option to listen to podcasts.

Unlike other business-minded people, Kamiya doesn’t shy away from letting people know her tricks of becoming successful. She helps other business-minded people to help succeed and that’s how a true leader looks like.

Uniq Stories - Kamiya Jani
Source: Kamiya Jani

What Success Looks Like For Kamiya?

After all the struggle and sacrifices, today her platform – Curly Tales is a well-established network with thousands of people following it. As of March 2021, the Facebook page of Curly Tales is followed by more than 2 million people. Her Youtube channel is about to reach the 1 million mark.

The platform not only is a travel guide but it also conducts celebrity interviews hosted by Kamiya. With her confidence and intellect, she has already proven to be an inspiration to millions. She was also one of the names of Superwoman2019 in India. Therefore, a journey from a law student to a news anchor and finally her dream job as a travel enthusiast turned out to be amazing for Kamiya Jani.

Uniq Stories - Kamiya Jani
Source: Kamiya Jani


In today’s world where women still face unequal paychecks or unemployment issues, Kamiya had the guts to change her profession at the peak of her career. She was bold enough to choose what always interested her though it had risk and demanded an immense amount of patience and effort.

Her husband is the brain behind Curly Tales and his supportive nature has given her all the more confidence in doing what she loves!

When women break out of the stereotypical roles assigned to them, that becomes a story of inspiration for millions beyond gender. Kamiya Jani is a true inspiration and is worthy of the appreciation she receives.