Miss Madness: Let Your Skin Dance With Happiness!

Brand: Miss Madness

Founder: Simran Chadwani

Founding Date: 2019

Headquarters: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Skincare is a self-gifted important symbol of self-love. It can be a necessity, therapy, or a source of happiness. However, finding the perfect skin and body care is difficult because everyone’s skin is different and needs different treatments and nourishments. Many cosmeticians are caught in the cycle of demand and supply and use harmful agents to gain an audience. Hence, recognizing brands that are suitable for your skin, in the long run, is important.

Many times side-effects of the harmful substances become visible later. It is very difficult to recover from the damage done. So choosing a brand that uses all the good ingredients to create a product everyone can love is very significant. That is what Miss Madness does for you.

Uniq Stories - Miss Madness Cosmetics
Source: Miss Madness Cosmetics

What Is Miss Madness?

Miss Madness is an Indian clean cosmetics brand that produces handmade and natural skincare products. They have a variety of products including body, lips, eyes, and face. Their wide range of products is eye-catching. It is also affordable, unlike the ridiculously expensive skincare available in the market today. They believe in combining the best of science and nature to make the best products. All-natural and no harm to your skin.

Miss madness is vegan and uses natural ingredients like essential oils, Shea butter, almond, fruit extracts, etc. to curate its products. They are 100% Paraben-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, mineral oil-free, gluten-free, and synthetic fragrance-free. Since it is all-natural, it has a very mesmerizing smell that will entice you. They last for almost twelve months as they do not use any harmful preservatives. This is why they tend to make their products in a week and sell them afresh and as soon as possible.

Uniq Stories - Miss Madness Cosmetics
Source: Miss Madness Cosmetics

Screaming Modern-Day Values

Miss madness believes skin colours are beautiful and need to be celebrated and does not promote fairness creams. All its products are a celebration of modern values that we wish to abide by. It doesn’t orchestrate results because each skin takes its adjustment period for different products. But gradually, you will see nature making a change for the better with it. It does not wish for Miss World beauty standards because everyone is unique in their way. It will make you want to take care of your skin and fall in love with yourself.

Some Of Their Best-Sellers

They have several categories like body butter, lip care, face moisturizer, face scrub, face mask, Artisan soap, Face serum, eye care, and acne treatment.

Uniq Stories - Miss Madness Cosmetics
Source: Miss Madness Cosmetics
  • Glow Booster Face Oil Serum: It is packed with the goodness of vitamin C and contains all essential oils that will protect you from harmful sun rays and give you complete rejuvenation.
  • Under-Eye Gel: It tightens the skin under your eyes to help you age healthy and give the necessary care to the sensitive skin there.
  • Aloe Mousse: This works like magic for your skin. It contains the goodness of aloe which will heal and moisturize your skin and make it happy. It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Rose Clay Mask: This works like an instant facial because it gives you the amazing exfoliating goodness of clay combined with nutrients. It will deeply cleanse your skin and make it radiant.
  • Vanilla Lip Butter: It gives your lips an extra soft and cushiony feel.

Many more amazing products will entice you. So start healing and caring for your skin with the best now!