Mizuchi – Artist Spotlight

Name: Varun KapadiaMizuchi

Niche: Singer, Rapper

Location: Mumbai, India

Industry: Creators, Artists

Mizuchi - Uniq Stories
Source: Mizuchi

Varun Kapadia aka Mizuchi is a 20-year-old Indian rapper. He was so greatly inspired by the legendary Japanese water dragon that he put his stage name after Mizuchi. He was born and raised in Mumbai and had a vision of becoming one of the best Indian rappers. He is currently pursuing psychology and music from Tufts University in Boston. At the age of 12, he started getting involved in the rap culture and thought of building his career in the music industry.

The Decision!

At the age of 15, he started making music and releasing songs on SoundCloud and, when he turned 17, he started producing his beats too in the garage band. He is a full-package rapper. With his amazing beats and music, he makes the music and rap lovers go wild.

Best Work

In 2018, the audience had loved his album of 7 tracks ‘All my spirits’. Then, within a year, in 2019, he released another 12-track album, ‘The Kid in the House’. This album gathered around 100,000 streams. on YouTube and SoundCloud. The two albums were extremely amazing and, apart from these, he teased two singles named ‘Big Bag’ and ‘Good for Me’. Both the singles were released in the year 2019 and crossed 140,000 views on YouTube.

Recently, he released the track named ‘Myth’ which is available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and YouTube. Soon, he will be coming up with his full-length album, which will be available on many online music streaming platforms.

You should listen to the following tracks of Mizuchi that are considered to be his best:

Mizuchi - Uniq Stories
Source: Mizuchi

These tracks are available on YouTube, Spotify, and many other online music streaming platforms. For more songs and the latest news about Mizuchi, you can check out his official website or visit the Instagram or Twitter page.

Varun aka Mizuchi

Mizuchi is one of the finest and youngest Indian rappers who produces his beats with great music. Being a fan of anime, he put his stage name after a water dragon. Through his albums, he has established an identity for artists who blend music in a way that makes the youngsters go crazy.

He is planning to come up with a new album for the audience. He intends to represent diversity in his songs and albums to showcase Indian diversity globally. He says that he wants to put Indian hip-hop on the global map and want to represent the diversity of the nation.