Neemli Naturals: Nature’s Derivatives!

Brand: Neemli Naturals

Founder: Bhaskara Seth & Manu Seth

Founded Date: 2015

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

If you are looking forward to pampering yourself during this pandemic, then indeed, Neemli Naturals is here to help you! Apart from giving the nourishment and suppleness, your body deserves, it is sure to leave you greatly satisfied.

Neemli Naturals is a renowned skincare brand that was started in 2015, in Bandra. Due to the overwhelming responses, the brand has recently expanded its location as well as the range of its products.

Indeed it’s a notable fact that Neemli Naturals was started by the popular actress Rameshwari Seth, along with her son. The products have now reached the US as well as the South African marketplaces.

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Source: Neemli Naturals

Source Of Motivation

In today’s world, people wish to use products that do not have ill effects nor chemicals. Besides, they always look out for products that are affordable as well as effective. Keeping people’s needs in mind, Neemli Naturals has worked with a large variety of natural as well as effective ingredients. Apart from that, these products are sure to leave you happy. The brand recently launched natural balms as well as essential scrubs, so that people can now have many options to choose from.

Besides, you are sure to notice results as well. You would be quite happy to realize that along with the results, these products also have wide-ranging benefits. It is no doubt that many individuals visit clinics that cost a lot and undergo numerous harmful procedures to reverse their skin problems. Thus, this on the other hand has quite harmful effects. Keeping the current skin problems as well as their types in mind, Neemli Naturals has come forward to assist people in their daily skincare needs. The skincare products include lip balms, sunscreens, night creams, body washes as well as scrubs, and other essential items. The products are quite cost-effective as well.

By visiting the official website, you can now order your favourite items. Thus indeed, you should not waste any more time and grab your favourite products today!

Uniq Stories - Neemli Naturals
Source: Neemli Naturals


The products are environmentally friendly as well as safe to use. Besides, the ingredients used are completely organic, apart from being vegan. The brand avoids using many ingredients that may have sources from animals, especially hyaluronic acid. With constant research as well as analysis, Neemli Naturals has come up with high-quality ingredients and products that are completely plant-based and organic. You will be surprised to know that these plant-based products also bring about long-term results as well as numerous benefits.

You can now expect ingredients like Activated Charcoal, besides Olive Squalene. The products are hand-made and each of them targets a particular skin problem. You may also opt for a personal consultation to get a better view of the condition your skin suffers from. Indeed, there is no doubt that there are many skin types with different skin problems. Therefore, there are many products that are now available to satisfy the needs of every skin type.

The ingredients mostly include essential oils that are commonly used in therapy; oils derived from plants as well as other organic ingredients. Apart from that, the brand avoids harmful ingredients such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. However, great skin is always better. To achieve this great skin, it is indeed necessary that you use high-quality as well as safe products that target a particular skin condition.

Uniq Stories - Neemli Naturals
Source: Neemli Naturals

Customer Services

To get a better view of the wide-ranging products such as lip balms, soaps as well as scrubs, and body washes, you can now visit their website or get in touch with any customer service representative. If you face any difficulties during the ordering process or find it hard to search for a favourable product, you can always contact the representatives through an email or a call.

To know more about the range of products and services available, it is a recommendation that you visit their website.