No Nasties – Be A Contributor To The Benefit Of Farmers With Your Clothing Choice!

Brand: No Nasties

Founders: Apurva Kothari

Founding Date: 2011

Headquarters: Goa

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

With so many brands of clothing coming in, the fashion game is really at its zenith. With so much innovation and unique ideas, it becomes hard to leave an impression on the minds of people in today’s world. No Nasties is one of a kind, having no alternative in the creation of its products. Just when we thought we have seen all qualities of clothes, No Nasties came in with the idea of clothing being organic. Such ideas make the brand stand out amidst thousands of clothing brands that exist today.

What Is The Story Behind No Nasties?

It all started in 2011 when Apurva decided to start a brand that would be both pocket and eco-friendly. He came up with the idea of making clothes completely from organic fabric. It has been so many years since the brand started and now finally the effect can be seen. They have saved different kinds of energies and resources and are continuously in the process with every purchase of their product.

The most thoughtful concept is planting a tree on behalf of every purchase of their products. The plantation of a tree is symbolic of the owner’s concern for nature. These trees are planted in a rural area of Odisha because that is where they get the supplies of cotton from!

Uniq Stories - No Nasties
Source: No Nasties

What Makes The Brand Stand Out From Other Clothing Brands?

No Nasties is a thought-provoking brand. Their problem is that farmers are committing mass suicides due to low wages. They are the victims of the high costs of modern farming while their produce has become less demanded and less yielding as a result of which taking their own lives seems less painful to them than poverty and hunger. Despite such concerns, No Nasties discovered that the only way to deal with this was to opt for organic farming practices.

Hence, they started making their products out of 100% organic cotton produced during organic farming following vegan principles.

This ideology helps farmers, supports manual labour, and increases employment.

What Does Vegan Clothing Mean?

Veganism has been forever associated with food. But this brand has taken a step further to associate it with clothing. Vegan clothing principles are rules set to produce clothes without the use of fur, wool, leather, silk, etc. animals have been killed cruelly for centuries by us humans for our petite needs. We do not spare a second thought before taking the lives of those lesser in power, and therefore this brand had to take the initiative of thinking about them. Due to its conclusiveness, thousands of animals are safe now. No animal testing takes place as all of the products are plant-based.

No Nasties is a 100% PETA-approved vegan brand.

Advantage Of Organic Cotton Over Other Materials

Organic Cotton is grown with the help of natural seeds and is not generated through artificial means. These seeds are grown with the help of natural means of pests and weed control and no synthetic fertilizers are used. It also costs the farmers less, resulting in fewer debts on their part, which might also result in a decreased number of suicides (hopefully). It has also resulted in benefits for the planet as a huge amount of water and energies have been saved.

Uniq Stories - No Nasties
Source: No Nasties

Cultivation of organic cotton also helps in improving soil fertility by eliminating toxic pests and chemicals from entering the water bodies and food systems too. The best part of organic cotton is that it helps in price reduction, as it is cheaper and convenient, resulting in a profit for both the industry and the farmers.

Overview Of No Nasties

This brand is one of the very few brands which is created for the benefit of others rather than its own. It is a brand full of inclusiveness, thoughtfulness, and perseverance. What started from scratch is now showing great results in improving life on earth by saving both animals and humans in one way or the other. No Nasties takes great pride in being the first clothing brand to be fair-trade licensed in India.

This brand has reasonable price tags for the clothes it makes out of organic farming. Your one purchase would not only benefit a farmer’s efforts but would result in a tree’s plantation. You will unknowingly serve the earth!

Without a second thought make a purchase and be the change you want to see around you!