NOTO: Healthy Ice-Creams That Loves You Back!

Brand: NOTO – Healthy Ice Creams

Director: Varun Sheth

Founding Date: 2017

Headquarters: Mumbai

Industry: Food & Beverages

Ice Cream that LOVES YOU BACK!

Let us be honest – who does not want to tuck into sweets and ice creams every day? Although often we feel like if we have had a bite of dessert, we might as well have it all, but we also know that this pleasure comes with a price. Having a tub of your favorite treat results in the consumption of calories and that again sends you on your most loathed trip, the guilt trip. Feeling guilty to give your taste buds a tour to heaven? Guilt trips, extreme sugar fast, and crash diets for which you vow to go to the gym regularly. That is so harsh! So now it is time to banish that dessert guilt and every vow of missing out on your ice cream treats.

We are talking about NOTO – Ice Cream That Loves You Back! Yes, it does love you back. That is the reason it is here to help you. To let you have every delicious bite of that ice – cream you always crave. As said, the best time to have ice cream is all the time.

According to Market Research, the Indian ice cream market is estimated to reach $ 3.4 billion in revenue in 2021. While the love for ice creams will never fade away, ice cream brands are becoming aware of the increasingly high number of health-conscious consumers. One such brand is the NOTO ice cream. NOTO ice cream is considered a yummy and healthy brand for ice cream for all the sweet tooth out there.

Established by a Young Husband & Wife Team

NOTO was established in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in the year 2019 by Varun Sheth and Ashni Sheth. Both husband and wife have a sweet tooth, but Varun was in trouble when his health issues demanded him to lose weight. It meant giving up on his most favorite treat, ice cream. It was hard for him to go on crash diets or avoiding any sweet treat. Varun wondered about all the people in the same situation as his and decided to venture into the dessert category, albeit making it a healthy one. This led to the birth of NOTO, a low-calorie ice cream brand, in May 2019.


The USP of NOTO lies in its calorie content. All products offered by them have less than 100 calories, which is a better option in comparison to the usual ice cream that contains between 140 and 200 calories. The concept of low-calorie ice cream is derived from the west and is gradually picking steam in India. In fact, in India, NOTO ice cream competes with Mumbai-based Get-A-Whey, a healthy ice cream brand that uses whey protein in its products.

NOTO Healthy Ice Creams

NOTO ice creams allow its consumers to have tubs of ice cream without worrying about weight gain. Every tub of ice cream includes only 75-95 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 75% less sugar, unlike other traditional ice cream brands. It has double protein and a healthy helping of prebiotic fibers that are good for your gut. It is like a treat to heart and health. Low – calorie content and no harm to health and yet no compromisation with the tastes is what attracts buyers to NOTO.

Healthy Yet Offering 8 Yummy Flavors

For now, NOTO provides eight variants of ice cream in regular flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and mango, and exotic flavors like coffee, pink guava, dark chocolate, orange, and almond, and more.

Many other health-conscious ice cream brands do away with sugar and its substitute. Varun claims that NOTO ice cream still retains a little bit of sugar to not compromise on taste. Moreover, it also uses prebiotic fibers, sugar, alcohol, erythritol, and stevia to achieve the required flavor and health. They claim that their ice creams are safe to be consumed by all individuals, including diabetic patients.

NOTO Healthy Ice Creams

The Motto of NOTO

NOTO was born to revolutionize the way people consume ice creams and sweets. It is a zero-calorie dessert, gut-friendly, makes no sacrifice on taste and creaminess, and tastes the same as ice cream. NOTO ice cream is currently available only in Mumbai. The business will soon expand across India, starting from Delhi and Bangalore, and some new flavors will be added.

Contact Details

The company has its website – EatNOTO. It promotes its products through different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, so on. You can also contact them on their email and on their phone at 7506433908.


In short, NOTO tells you not to break up with your favorite desserts and go on guilt trips and crash diets. Indulge all you want because it is guilt-free. It is like have all you want, without worrying. So choose NOTO – choose deliciously, choose joy, choose healthily.