Patrah: Sustainability In Fashion!

Brand: Patrah

Founder: Vini Nirmal

Founding Date: 2018

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Have you ever considered fashion to be a universal player in saving the planet? Yes, we call it Ethical or Sustainable Fashion which is not only the trend but the future. Sustainable clothing focuses on working out for a positive impact on the environment by giving back the love to nature which it has bestowed upon us. Consumer demand can revolutionize the way the fashion industry works. Patrah is the brand on a mission to create awareness about sustainability in fashion.

What Is Patrah

Patrah, meaning ‘Natural’ in Sanskrit, tends to embrace the environment by fabricating apparel that is environment friendly. Earth is a planet worth fighting for, and adapting to sustainable fashion is one of the ways we can build better standards of living for us as well as our future generations.

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Patrah brings you 100% natural fabric which is made of organic substances and is biodegradable. It also lays stress on reviving the cultural heritage by replacing the machinery with the art of handloom.

With wisdom and artisanal skills, Patrah exudes love for mother earth and restricts itself from contributing to a large amount of fashion industry wastes at the expense of the environment.

How Do They Work To Pursue Sustainability In Fashion?

Well to pursue sustainability which is of high importance in today’s time, they embrace the classical method of hand-looming with tremendous respect for the art and the artisan. We know that fashion shouldn’t cost the earth, and there is no beauty in the finest of clothing if they cause hunger and unhappiness. Patrah focuses on “slow fashion“, a philosophy, a way of thinking, choosing and wearing something which brings joy, meaning, and value to every day.

Patrah manufactures durable clothes in addition to using organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes thus creating environmental harmony. Using handloom fabrics, with the help of genius artisans and their love for intricate detailing, they not only generate income for the artist but also with their designs they encourage everyone to praise slow fashion.

Uniq Stories - Patrah
Source: Patrah

Benefits Of Choosing Patrah As Your Fashion Brand

Wide Variety Of Apparels

Patrah gives you a wide range of organic clothing made with utmost care and love for our planet. Starting from tops to bottom wears to jackets to dresses and scarves, they provide you with the immense option to make sustainability an everlasting trend, with durable fabric their collection is long-lasting and follows the latest trends.

Use Of Natural & Organic Product In Fabric Making

Organic cotton is a traditional way of cultivation that is popularly known for retaining water efficiently, Patrah fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton which makes the apparel soft and comfy. They avoid the use of chemicals and instead use natural dyes thus imparting the clothes durability and bright colours which in turn enhances your charm and comfort. With a motto of undoing the damage already done by the fashion industry to the environment, Patrah with the use of organic substances tends to create a vision of a green planet.

Uniq Stories - Patrah
Source: Patrah

Promotes Handloom Culture

Apart from preserving the environment they also preserve our culture by including handloom art in manufacturing instead of machinery. The art of handloom is tough since it has to be handled delicately and with utmost dedication, thus resulting in the production of magnificent apparel. Every weaver has his dream of weaving, in today’s world machinery has replaced these weavers who struggle hard to showcase their excellence. With every purchase of Patrah, they generate an income for these artisan families giving them hope and a platform to showcase their talent. Here we see how this brand protects our cultural heritage.


Ethical fashion is a recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes we wear but with the alarming rate to protect the planet, sustainability is the utmost need of the hour. Ethical fashion is a new trend and should be adopted by all.

Their high-quality apparel gives you a chance to be a powerful curator and a happy customer.

So, what’s there to wait for! Go and shop from Patrah, make a choice, make a difference and make it last.