Prerto: The Jewellery brand that should be on your radar!

Brand: Prerto

Founder: Prerna Agarwal

Established In: 2012

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

About Prerto

It’s true when they say that every girl is crazy about luxury jewelry and wants her wardrobe to be filled with such unique and designer glam styles, And so, was the founder of Prerto, Ms./Miss Prerna Agarwal, the mind behind these artistic jewel pieces. She had was always been always a curious child and had a. She has a knack for traditional and high-style contemporary jewellery pieces.

Prerna grew up, watching noticing the craftsmanship of her mother’s used in her mom’s jewelry. After high school, she pursued her education in the field of computer science, economics, and fashion.

From there After completing her studies, she pursued her dream of thought of coming up with a founding her own jewelry brand, and finally, she founded Prerto in 2012, whose headquarters are set up in Mumbai, India.

Prerto - Uniq Stories
Source: Prerto

Prerto was conceptualized to create accessories that can be carried outworn by individuals in their own unique way. The designers at Prerto work to fuse fusing the rich Indian heritage with their modern and advanced techniques. with our rich cultural heritage.

The jewelry designed at Prerto is bold and can go easily to go with different outfits. Prerna believed that women are a bit sentimental towards their jewelry, as it truly reflects their identity as an identity of an individual.

Their Vision

The jewelry at Prerto displays showcases the edgy and sophisticated blend of fashion in by the founder and her designs. The brand works with the vision of creating and producing the best possible designs for their customers in accordance to according to their needs.

“One must be aware of what their target audience wants would like and what they wouldn’t, where they are happy experimenting, and where they are not. What you and I may love, may not be as appreciated by your clients, and vice versa.”

– Ms. Prerna

Through the brand, Prerna has tried to take on our rich cultural heritage in hand with the latest and modern designs and we are sure that. The luxury pieces by Prerto the brand are going to stay for a long er in your closet.

The Collection

The extensive collection at Prerto is ideal with both western and ethnic outfits. From necklace to bracelets, you can find several jewels option which can be easily mixed and matched to fit with your outfit. The brand deals with an astonishing amount of variety, good amount of jewelry including the following types:

Prerto - Uniq Stories
Source: Prerto
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Waist Belts
  • Hair Accessories
  • Nose Rings
  • Kaleeras
  • Hand Harnesses
  • Necklaces

Most popular among the collection of the brand are the Charms’ zodiac necklaces, Charms’ Evil Bracelets, Zeal Studs from Break Free Collection among others, and much more.

Once you start scrolling the collection of Prerto, you will end up filling your cart with the most beautiful and luxurious jewel pieces. Over the years, the brand has gathered much love and support from audiences worldwide. many people out there.

The uniquely designed collection at Prerto is being followed by many celebrities from India including Sonam Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, and many more but is not just limited to Bollywood.

Celebrities across the borders are also charmed by the designs of Prerto. Many famous popular celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens are also in love with the exclusive patterns and designs of this handcrafted jewelry.

Prerto’s Designer Jewelry Is Available Here!

You can pick up your favorite jewelry from the offline high-retail store including Minerali, Bombaim, Arosa, and many more. You can even find the trendy collection at Nykaa Fashion, Aza Fashions Aashniandco. and on other online e-commerce platforms too.

Further, you can contact us in case of any queries if you wish to clear any inquiry you can check out on our social media platforms of Prerto – Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

The entire collection at the store is mind-blowing and we’re sure, you’ll definitely want to check out their designs. So visit Prerto & go through their amazing products.