Puri, Odisha – Your Budgeted Weekend Getaway!

If you’re one of those who love monuments, historic buildings, and religious places, Puri, Odisha might be the place for you! Being one of the four dharmas or Hindu pilgrimage, this place is as religious as it could get with numerous temples. Being a travel enthusiast, if you have already visited the major historic places of India, it is now time to discover the less trendy!

If you are not in the mood for religious trips, this might become your beach weekend on a budget. It costs way less than other coastal cities in the country thereby saving a hole in your pocket!

What Is Puri, Odisha Famous For?

Puri, Odisha is famous for various reasons, with religious ones dominating over others. Being such a pure and pious place, thousands of tourists visit Puri even during the off-seasons.

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Sri Jagannath Puri Temple

This temple holds a great religious value among the Hindus as it is a part of the four Hindu pilgrimage sacred sites. The temple was constructed almost a millennium ago, with four majestic gates protecting the interiors. It is an architectural wonder, home to many scientifically unexplained miracles. The place believes in the ancient Indian belief of never sending a visitor back with an empty stomach and so Prasad is prepared with century-old recipes to serve the lack of visitors daily. Millions of devotees are also drawn towards the annual Rath Yatra.

The ritual of hoisting fresh flags present at an extreme height of the temple by a few priests who climb the height with bare legs and hands is an unforgettable sight.

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Puri Beach

The golden sand beach located very close to the Jagannath temple is a paradise for beach lovers. It is called Swargadwar beach, meaning the gate to heaven. It stands true to its name as thousands of people are seen enjoying waves of the ocean, basking in the sun, or escaping from the hectic world for some time. There are plenty of lodging options available in the area with a sea-facing view and delicious seafood options.

The beach is also home to a large market set up every evening for visitors with a variety of jewellery, hats, toys, etc. This sun-kissed beach with mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise is also popular among couples on honeymoon to stroll along the breezy shore.

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Near the capital city of Odisha – Bhubaneswar is present the holy and popular pilgrimage destination, Konark. It is mostly known for its 7th-century old Sun Temple. Sculptures of the Sun God are present in the temple in three different directions to capture the sun rays in the premises during the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. It is an architectural marvel designed in the shape of a chariot, dedicated to the Sun God.

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Go Boating In The Chilika Lake

If you are in Puri, you just cannot afford to not visit the lake. Chilika Lake is among the most visited tourist destinations in the state. Chilika Lake is a saltwater lagoon at the tip of the Daya River that flows into the Bay Of Bengal. If your ideal vacation is to escape from the hubbub of the main city and be one with nature, breathe fresh air, listen to the birds chirping and watch Dolphins, this lake might become your favourite.

Apart from being a tourist attraction, this lake provides sustenance to thousands of fishermen families staying across 132 villages across the shores. During the period of migration more than 150 species of unique birds flock around the lake.

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If you are one of the few people to whom art appeals, this might be the place you wouldn’t want to miss. Pipili is one of the major tourist spots in the state of Bhubaneswar, at a small distance from puri. This town was built to provide shelter to the practitioners of Odisha’s heritage art form – appliqué handicrafts. Artists stitch together colourful fabrics to make clothes and hangings. Excellent handcrafts like appliquéd handbags and purses, bed sheets, pillow covers, etc. are not only sold in the state but are exported to different countries.

It is a town where art lives, breathes and multiplies from generation to generation. It would be the best place to get a local experience of the state.

What’s Stopping You?

Puri is one of the most sacred places for the Hindus with religiousness in the very air of the place. However, if you’re planning a small weekend getaway with friends, the city won’t let you down. With the seashores filled with vendors of sweets, snacks, seafood, and a market, you are sure to enjoy your stay here.

With its versatility, it never lets any of its tourists go without having a great time! So next time you think of visiting somewhere beachy, go and buy tickets for Puri!