Quell – Now Exercising is Fun!

Brand: Quell

Founder: Cameron Brookhouse & Doug Stidolph

Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: London, UK

Industry: Technology

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world is put on pause. People can’t go out and do their favourite activities. One of the major effects of the lockdown was the fitness of the people. Everyone was sitting at home and most people started exercising at home. But it is bound to get boring. At the gym also you have to follow a particular regime.

We reach an unfortunate impasse and this is what Quell tried to extend and make it fun and very interesting.

What Does Quell Do?

Quell is a start-up that aims to widen the concept of exercising and combine it with gaming. They provide a full intensity workout just at your home. They design fights, yes the kind of fights you do in your games. You can punch, dodge, jump and do all the exercises while fighting and it will not be like a boring exercise routine. It will have the excitement that you get from a video game.

The Best Of Both Worlds!

We always wish to be the real characters in the video games we play. Quell took this wish and turned it into a reality by only making it better and unique because it aims to give you the perfect fitness regime. You don’t have to go out for exercise, you can just play and get the kind of body you want.

So if you start here, at this junction you can never go back to the normal way of exercising. It will certainly change your world for the better. Now you won’t have to think of excuses to avoid exercise. Because you will have Quell!

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Easy & Handy

Quell has broken down the technical jargon for you so that you can enjoy your workout without worrying about how to use it or what to do with it. You just have to wear their gauntlet and be ready to burn some calories and fight some bad guys. The gauntlet is specially made light so that you won’t feel burdened while exercising. The motion sensors are really good so that you will feel like you are fighting.

Fitness First

The major priority for Quell and its team was fitness. So they designed the game in a way that you would lose maximum calories. It hence burns more calories than regular exercises like running, cycling, walking, etc. You can enjoy a new series of workout so that you won’t get bored of exercising and think of quitting. They provide interesting gaming challenges that you will complete whilst having a full-body exercise.

Games Make Everything Fun

Following a single routine of exercises can indeed make you complacent and eventually even make you stop doing them. This is what Quell tries to change. The games will include various scenarios that will excite you and make the exercise you are doing effortless and smooth. One day you can save the planet from monsters or beat up the gangster. It will help you and you would want to keep doing it.

Pre-Order Details

Quell devices are now available to pre-order and are set to ship in December 2021. They are continuously improving their technology so that you can gain a wholesome experience while trying to get fit. They are developing new updates each month and plenty of people have already pre-ordered. So what are you waiting for? A piece of simple equipment can change the way you look at exercise. It will definitely make you fall in love with it.

So pre-order now!!