Ravel Care: Your Personalized Hair Care!

Brand: Ravel Care


Founding: 2019

Headquarters: India

Industry: Beauty and Personal Care

“Why can’t my hair stop falling?” Ouch, this hurts.

One of the most common problems these days is hair fall and hair loss. We’re all possessive about our hair.

How does it look? Is it silky? How will this hairstyle go? And what not!

The more we love our hair, the more we hate hair issues, especially hair fall! You keep trying every shampoo, every oil, every serum, and every product that offers minimum improvement, but, one product for all hair types? Really?

Ravel Care - Uniq Stories
Source: Ravel Care

Have you ever thought that the shampoo companies won’t understand that someone wants their hair to be silkier or someone else wants the shampoo for dandruff? And wait, how can one shampoo solve everyone’s hair issues? It can’t. One size doesn’t fit everyone. Ergo, one shampoo cannot satisfy the needs of everyone.

Your hair deserves so much more. You deserve so much better. And what you need is Ravel. Ravel is a customized personal hair care product for every individual, as per their need. So, don’t worry, because Ravel Care knows what you want!

What is Ravel Care?

Ravel hair care uses a unique formula for your personal needs. A one-size-fits-all convention is a thing of the past. At Ravel, your portion is concocted, only for you. Ravel uses the best ingredients that you cannot get off-the-shelf, even if you are compelled to do so.

What makes Ravel different?

Forget “custom” algorithms. Ravel not only leaves your product customization to a computerized system, but they also put an expert on the task! With more than 40 billion combinations, Ravel hair care examines your needs, lifestyles, habits, and goals. It studies all about your hair to design a portion like no other, for none other!

Source: Ravel Care

Is Ravel Safe?

Ingredients selected for performance are all-natural. No chemical product can be this customized. Every product which is formulated at Ravel is free of sulfates, parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, and is always cruelty-free. Ravel’s custom-made products give you the specific ingredients your hair needs. They give you one customized portion that can heal and fix your hair. Whatever your goals may be, whatever your hair issues may be, Ravel care is here to save you.

How do you know if Ravel is helping you?

Ravel not only provides the products to help you, but it also assures that those products are helping you. Continuous follow-ups are done with every individual concerning their hair issues and improvements. The experts at Ravel Care would go out of their way to stay in touch with you and keep tabs on your progress or concerns.

Purpose of Ravel

Ravel Care - Uniq Stories
Source: Ravel Care

Ravel was born with the simple idea of changing the way hair is taken care of. All this while, you bought products where you had no control over your formula or the ingredients used. Ravel understood this and hence came up with the idea of a personal product for every individual. It would help them resolve their hair issues and have healthy and happy hair. A unique blend of ingredients that is based on your hair needs, hair type, hair concerns, goals, and preferences.

Ravel promotes its scope on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and so on. If you want to contact them, their email ID is hello@ravelcare.com


Enough of other companies ruling your hair! Enough of hair fall and enough of hair sufferings. All the people out there, switch to Ravel. The brand that cares about your problems and is concerned about resolving them. Ravel Care knows all you want and all you need.