Reminiscing Childhood Moments With Kissan Jams & Squashes!

Brand: Kissan


Founding Date: 1934

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Food & Beverages

Kissan is quite a popular brand known for its delicious varieties of jams and kinds of ketchup. This brand was established in 1934 by British entrepreneurs and was then owned by Mitchell Bros in 1950. However, in 1933, Brooke Bond purchased the brand, and ever since then, a policy of loving the food and not shoving the food has been adopted. Over the recent years, new and exciting flavours of jams have been introduced.

Due to such improvisations, Kissan has emerged as the favourite brand of India. Thus indeed, the products available here are worth your purchase.

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Kissan has solely concentrated on authentic ingredients, canned vegetables, and fruits, which are among the most intriguing aspects of this firm. All of the items are manufactured with 100% authentic ingredients since they are meant for women who nurture young children.

Kissan began by introducing novel food forms, including preserved vegetables as well as baked beans, however, over time it had been regarded as India’s first fresh produce company. There is thus no doubt that the brand is indeed popular in almost all the states of India.

Besides, the products are manufactured in hygienic conditions, keeping the nutritional requirements in mind.

Varieties Of Products

Sauces, jellies, and squashes are among Kissan’s best products. Natural tomato sauce, no onions or garlic sauce, flavorful sauces, chilli pasta sauce, and condiments too are available under the seasoning category. Mixed fruits, mangoes, papaya, oranges, grapes, lemonade, and lemon zest are among the seven squash flavours available.

Apart from that, it also released the Bomb jams, which combine the acidic and delicious tastes of berries, strawberries, and oranges. When it comes to flavours, you can also expect tangy flavours of ketchup besides fruity jellies especially during the summer season. The brand is mostly known for its fresh taste of flavours thus, successfully convincing many customers to try and enjoy the delicious products.

Uniq Stories - Kissan
Source: Kissan

Kissan’s products, whether sauces or jams have been used to add flavours to meals for over 80 years. The team’s new marketing approach has prompted them to share a slew of recipes with moms who may use these to pack their children’s lunches. Kissan’s products are well-known among youngsters, marking the exciting path of early childhood.

The most recent commercials have all emphasized how youngsters may consume what they want and live an exciting, memory-filled childhood. This brand helps parents grasp the goods’ health advantages, flavours, and flavours in the very same manner. The brand instructs women on where and how to utilize the goods to cater to their children’s preferences.

It may be necessary for you to realize that Kissan is not all about jams or squashes, it is way more than that. Besides, it is about children eating as well as growing in happiness.

Demand & Popularity

Indian women are attempting to strike a better alignment between fast-fix meals as well as appropriate nourishment to put up with the present pace of change – although the latter is non-negotiable. The simplest answer would be to create healthy food more appealing, which is why dips and condiments were created.

Uniq Stories - Kissan
Source: Kissan

Kissan thinks that living in the moment is the first step towards a brighter tomorrow. As a result, the company has created flavours and varieties that complement any food, cuisine, and occasion to satisfy every consumer’s taste buds. Raspberry, Raspberry, and Citrus varieties in the new Blast jam line provide a unique mixture of delicious and zesty sensations. Kissan squashes come in a variety of flavours, ranging from orange to lime, providing a pleasant taste.

Worth Your Purchase

Kissan is the country’s leading company in jellies and flavoured syrups. The brand is a proponent of joyful expansion. The Kissanpur project, which has received over 35 accolades in India and throughout the world, is widely regarded as a sustainable model for generating brand loyalty.

Thus, the products are indeed worth your purchase.