Rio Rabbit – Eyecare With A Fashion Sense!

Brand: Rio Rabbit

Founder: Mr Varun

Founding Date: 2016

Headquarters: India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

In today’s world, where looking presentable all the time is very important, people tend to forget about the gift of vision, their eyes, which also needs care. “The first impression is the last” and you have to make sure you give your best and for that, you have to look perfect in all shape or form. Wearing a pair of glasses and accessorizing it can do wonders in such a scenario and help you complete your look. This small accessory can be a total game-changer if you pair it right.

Well, no need to worry about it anymore. Rio Rabbit helps you take care of your eyes with fashion and style.

What Is Rio Rabbit?

Rio Rabbit is one of the first companies in India, that helps you get the best of frames directly, without the involvement of any retail mark-ups which helps you save that extra buck. As no middle man is involved, you have the option to choose and select what suits you best.

Their story is based on “passion for style and quality”, which gives them the upper hand in the market as they try to provide popular eyewear to a majority of the population at very reasonable and affordable prices. Their unique styles of frames attract the youth population more because fine quality materials are used for manufacturing as it gives a larger wearability period.

Rio helps you be different from the usual crowd. Creating eyecare mixed with a couple of ounces of fashion helps generate new trends. For those, who want to make a statement, build their style, Rio is just the brand for you. You get the best of the best deals by paying half the amount the rest of the world is paying. Above all, they have an option for COD all over Indian, and if you pay beforehand, you get free shipping and prodigious discounts.

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Source: Rio Rabbit

Shape Your Personality With Rio!

Selecting the right frames online can be tough. You have to worry about the fit, the shape, the wearability etc. With Rio, you don’t have to worry about all these anymore, as they present a very different technique, which helps you select your new frame from the comfort of your house. They provide their audience with a measuring chat that varies from category to category, through which they can judge whether a case suits them or not. Even if you are not satisfied with your frame after the delivery, you can easily exchange or return the case within 7 days of purchase; absolutely free of cost.

Rio organises various deals and sales on various occasions, they also work with various designers to create the latest styles just for their customers and at very low prices. You can get both eyeglasses and sunglasses in different shapes and sizes, for example, oval, round, aviator etc, choose whatever your heart and your eyes desire just with a click.

  • Eyeglasses:
    Rio provides their customers with an opportunity to find their inner suave with their remarkable collection of eyeglasses. You can choose what your heart craves from a large variety of options that they offer, in different styles, colours, shapes and forms.
  • Sunglasses:
    Our eyes are very sensitive. They need protection from the damaging UV rays that come from the sun. Rio, with its finest quality of sunglasses, helps you not only protect those beautiful eyes but also to look fantastic while being cautious. Every design they offer is made by experienced artisans, with precision, patience and decades of experience.
Uniq Stories - Rio Rabbit
Source: Rio Rabbit


Just like your body, your eyes need accessories too. Rio Rabbit does just the job with their collection of trendy, fashionable and stylish frames with a touch of their creativity, which makes Rio unique from other brands in the market and gives you the power to sway while making a statement.

With their collection, you not only get great deals at great prices but also get to experience merits like discounts, sales, free shipping and an easy return/exchange policy. With the hand-out they provide, they make up perfect gifts for your loved ones in this festive system or you can buy them for yourself as a part of a little pampering session. Let’s give our eyes something in return for helping us see this beautiful world with Rio.

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