Ritviz – Artist Spotlight

Name: Ritviz aka Shivam Srivastava

D.O.B: 24 July 1996

Niche: Singer, EDM Musician

Location: Pune, India

Industry: Creators, Artists

An Insight Into His Early Life

Shivam Srivastava, popularly known as Ritviz Srivastava, is a famous songwriter, singer, electronic musician, record producer and, DJ, who lives in Pune, Maharashtra. He was born on July 24, 1996, and became famous after his renowned song ‘Udd Gaye’ premiered on the official YouTube channel of A.I.B.  In his early life, he was exposed to music.  His father was a trade finance manager and used to play Tabla.  His mother is a classical vocalist.

At the age of 6, he started learning music and was tutored by Pandit Uday Bhawalkar who specialized in Dhrupad, which is a subgenre of Hindustani Music. As time progressed, he became good at singing and his first song was composed at the age of 10.  The idea of fusing pop music with hip-hop came to him after he was introduced to western music through the VH1 channel.  From his childhood, he was exposed to music and he decided that he will pursue his passion for singing.  He started singing at the age of 6, and with time, he started releasing more songs.  

Ritviz - Uniq Stories
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Work and experience of Ritviz

Though in 2020 he accused the makers of Pati Patni or Woh of copying his song, he clarified through his tweet that neither his team nor he was involved in any sort of role in the movie.  Apart from his song, ‘Udd Gaye’, many other songs became a hit such as Barso, Liggi, Thandi Hawa, Jeet, and Ved.  Not only the songs but his entire album including YUV got love and support from the audience.

Later in 2016, he released his act which is a remix of Nucleya’s track named Light, which is from his album called Raja Baja. In 2017, he became the winner of the Bacardi House Party Session.  At the age of 19, he got featured at the artist management company, Only Much Louder.

This following list is just a glimpse of his work.  You can find a lot more of his songs and albums on the official YouTube channel named ‘Ritviz‘ that has 1.79 million subscribers.

Ritviz - Uniq Stories
Source: Ritviz


Ritviz Srivastava, a 23-year-old young lad, is an extremely good singer and electronic music composer. He is a die-hard fan of the famous music composer, A.R. Rahman.  Over the years, as his songs became popular, his fan base has grown wider.