Rock your loungewear looks with Mystere Paris!

Brand: Mystere Paris

Founders: Tanvi Goenka Shekhsaria and Vishwanshu Agarwal

Founding Date: 2015

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Imagine having to sleep in jeans after a tiring day at work. Imagine having no pyjamas or shorts to your rescue at the end of the hectic school day. Did the thoughts make you uncomfortable already?

Hence proved, life without nightwear is a nightmare! Sleep is the most crucial component to have proper functioning in a day. Mystere Paris was therefore launched a few years ago to take care of your comfort while you sleep and make you look beautiful even while sleeping.

With What Motive Was Mystere Paris Launched?

Women usually opt for nightwear clothing available at nearby local clothing shops, which are most definitely shapeless. They neither fit different body structures nor are comfortable. Though the market lingerie segment is chosen chiefly, most women customers are left without any choice but to settle for something relaxing or stylish.

Mystere Paris was therefore launched by Tanvi and Vishwanshu to give people style and comfort together. Loungewear does not have to look like a crusted, faded t-shirt that probably has been worn over many years.

They used to retail their clothes to smaller and larger chain stores. It was only in 2017 that they became an online venture and now focus on brand development entirely.

Uniq Stories - Mystere Paris
Source: Mystere Paris

How Does The Brand Focus On Style As Well As Quality?

The start-up claims that it isn’t competing with local sellers or a handful of brands that sell nightwear in the country. They consider their goal to reach potential customers and know their requirements to make modifications time and again. The brand intends in becoming an option for those who wear uncomfortable, old clothes as sleepwear or those who wear casual clothes at home because they haven’t yet been introduced to comfortable loungewear.

One other reason why most people settle for uncomfortable clothes is that good-quality sleepwear in India is too expensive. The brand has found a solution for this problem too. The sleepwear and loungewear of Mystere Paris start from 499rs, making it the most affordable brand among this segment of clothes.

Sleeping Tips From The Brand

As the brand specializes in sleepwear, their concern for a good night’s sleep is evident. Their website has tips for those who cannot get proper sleep at night.

Uniq Stories - Mystere Paris
Source: Mystere Paris
  • The bedroom decor should be kept minimal. Blackout curtains, light-coloured bed linen and suitable pillows would help a person to sleep like a baby!
  • The bedroom, at the least, should have mood lighting that is soft yellow lights. Too bright-lighted rooms might not induce sound sleep.
  • The clothes that you wear defines how you sleep. If you’re uncomfortable, the body will reflect that even when asleep. Hence it is suggested that loose cotton dresses, shorts, pyjamas, etc., should be your ideal choice.
  • The hardest thing to do is to shut down the online world we live parallel to. It is essential to keep your mobile phones or other gadgets away from you at least an hour before sleep. This will improve the quality of your sleep and help your eyes relax after a long day of work.

These steps are pretty easy to follow if you make up your mind to follow a proper sleep pattern. Energy, creativity, and happiness would be one’s mood the day one starts following the steps.

Mystere Paris is a women’s loungewear and sleepwear brand and offers a wide range of different categories.

The brand has loungewear like shorts, pyjamas, dresses, nightsuits, etc. which are incredibly comfortable. Which makes sense because comfort is one of the most prioritized criteria of their products. These are available both for women and young girls! The best is that the brand also has maternity clothes available too. The struggle for pregnant women in finding clothes that they need only for a few months ends here!

There is a section for kids where sleepwear is available for those delicate humans, made with extreme care and love! All of the products are made of cotton, therefore promising the utmost comfort one can have while sleeping.

Uniq Stories - Mystere Paris
Source: Mystere Paris

Overall View Of The Brand

This is one of the few brands in India which focus on sleepwear and loungewear. Quality has never been excellent in this particular segment of clothes were concerned, but Mystere Paris has made it happen. Despite having fewer competitors and more demand, the brand has kept its prices nominal so that majority could afford it easily.

Try it once, and Mystere Paris would become the secret to your good sleep!