Rus Organic: Taste The Blend Of 100% Organic Goodness!

Brand: Rüs Organic

Founder: Ujvala Vemparala

Founding Date: 2018

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Food & Beverages

An Indian Beverage Manufacturing Company – Rus Organic

Rus organic is an Indian based certified food manufacturing company founded by the Vemparala family along with many others. Right from its inception farmers have supported and been the root of the company since they supply the manufacturers with fresh fruits and vegetables. The primary focus of Rus Organic is to blend the taste with fruits and vegetables to create unique palates in order to serve a fresh, vegetarian, and fruity juice to its customers.

Rus Organic is the first organic juice company set up in the western part of Mumbai, India to produce 1005 eco-friendly drinks that are cold-pressed into every Rus bottle. Apart from serving organic juice and smoothies, the company provides fresh vegetables and fruits as well.

Rus Juices are Manufactured with No-Added Preservatives!

As the saying goes, ‘health is wealth’ the company produces healthy products with no added sugar and no preservative. The products are a blended mixture of the right amount of organic ingredients with ample benefits for the customer. The fruits & vegetables which are used to manufacture products are 100% handpicked & drinks are authentic as they are certified by India Organic, Jaivik Bharat, USDA Organic & Eco-Cert.

Considered to be the first Indian company to use organic fruits & vegetables to create juices using the cold-pressing technique, Rus Organic ensures to provide all the necessary nutrients with guaranteed taste to the customers. To give a quality product to the customers the company does not add water, sugar, pesticides, and preservatives.

A Wider Range of Products

The company deals with a wide range of organic fruits to produce tasty smoothies from fruit juice. Apart from selling juices, boosters, nut milk, and smoothies, the company also sells fresh vegetables to consumers. Keeping in mind the Indian market, the manufacturers expanded their horizons and launched unique salty and spicy juices. Some of their pulpy and fruity products are listed below:

Rus Organic
  1. Mango Nectar
  2. Zest
  3. Beautician
  4. Watermelon
  5. Choconut Milk
  6. Golden Milk
  7. Energizer
  8. Ruby
  9. Amber
  10. Pearl

Products are widely available

To buy the products, one can directly visit the website at Or these juices & other products are also available on some of the most used e-commerce websites & offline stores such as Big Basket, Big Bazaar, Foodhall, Magsons, Swiggy, O Basket, Wellness Forever, Nature’s Basket, and many other places.


The customers are fairly satisfied with the products and services. As far as the ratings and reviews are concerned, the company enjoys a rating of 4.9 on a scale of 5 and around 70% of customers are satisfied and happy to use 100% organic and eco-friendly products. It proves that customers are extremely happy and are looking forward to relishing these juices and smoothies.


Rus Organic is the first cold-pressed Indian company that produces tasty and healthy organic drinks. The products are healthy and can be consumed by people of any age. It is safe for babies and senior citizens too. To find more information about the products and offers, you can check out the official Instagram account of Rus Organic.