Salud Beverages – Let’s Celebrate Life!

Brand: Salud Beverages

Founder: Ajay Shetty & Suman Shetty

Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Food & Beverages

After a full day of work at a hectic 9-5 job, we all deserve a drink; that one drink that helps us relax. Well, Salud Beverages offer just that for you with their collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which are beverages that fits all. Their super refreshing collection provides you with a feeling of satisfaction from within.

Salud, a Spanish word, which means ‘cheers to health’ and to ‘celebrate life’. This brand stands upon its name by providing beverages that are Fresh, Classy and Socially Responsible. Along with drinks, they also sell their merchandise which includes t-shirts, hats, and coasters, which are so comfortable and go perfect with that drink at the end of the day.

How Did The Journey Of Salud Begin?

Back in 2020, last year Salud Beverages was just a thought, a brand that would just serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. But after the launch, it grew into something more than that. Now, Salud has evolved itself into a lifestyle brand, just by the impact of its carefully planned marketing strategies. The brand along with drinks also works on its amazing merchandise and music, which they call Salud Sessions.

The Classy Flavour Of Music!

Salud Sessions, a mix of trendy tunes, created by indie but very talented DJs, to teach the world the right way to party. Salud previously dropped some mixes by the name of Soul of Salud, which was music that was perfect for every occasion and season.

They recently dropped Salud Session vol.2, which are just the right tracks that will help you reach another zone full of bliss. As a lifestyle brand now, Salud does not disappoint its audience when it comes to music. Their tracks hit the right spot, by bringing nothing but delight to the soul.

Uniq Stories - Salud Beverages
Source: Salud Beverages

G&T 2.0, Refresh Yourself Salud Style!

With precision and sophistication, Salud launched the first-ever ready to drink Gin & Tonic range in India. G&T 2.0 is a refreshing, classy and astonishing alcobev from the house of Salud. The up-to-the-minute style beverage, ready to drink anytime, anywhere has a universal appeal because of its natural ingredients and flavours, which makes it fun as well as energetic to drink. The drink has a royal character that perfectly caters to its target audience, which is everyone and anyone.

Salud is planning to change the drinking demographic with G&T 2.0. The main focus and aim of this range are to bring premium quality drinks and flavours at a very reasonable and affordable price for all those people who have a separate place for Gin in their heart. The G&T 2.0 is released in three amazing flavours for now, but the company has confirmed more flavours will be releasing very soon.

The first three flavours of the launch are – Original, Cucumber and Lavender which will be your best friends for all four seasons.


In a world full of copies, Salud presents to you an original experience. This uptight and fine quality formula helps you reach the seventh sky. It makes you experience a singular botanical identity. While maintaining the classic way of consuming Gin with resplendent English Juniper, it also effervescence the Indian Tonic providing you with an exceptional drinking experience.


Perfect for summer, the cucumber flavour of G&T 2.0 helps you refresh the Salud way. Made with succulent English cucumber and Indian Tonic, it leaves you with a feeling of content from inside and you will encounter yourself rejuvenated. The beverage will transport you to your special place in the world, from the comfort of your couch.


The aroma in a bottle, this fine beverage made from subtle and delicate French lavender crafted with Indian Tonic and English Juniper which provides you with a refreshing, warm and almost ethereal feeling all year long. With just one sip, you will feel energetic and refreshed to conquer the world for a better tomorrow.

Uniq Stories - Salud Beverages
Source: Salud Beverages


From chilling with friends on weekends to enjoying your glass of drink from the luxury of your house, Salud Beverages is just the right brand for you. As a lifestyle brand, it always stands on its name, ‘to celebrate life and health’ by bringing the best of the best to its audience. Salud covers everything for you, great music, comfy merchandise and refreshing drinks, all at one stop.

Go to your nearest location today or order online for the best experience of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

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