SeamsFriendly – Look Good. Feel Good. Choose Consciously.

Brand: SeamsFriendly

Founder: Anurag Sarawgi

Founding Date: 2018

Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Looking out for natural, plant-based material that is gentle on the skin?
Seamsfriendly is for you.

Seamsfriendly is the one-stop-shop for women everywhere, in body shapes and sizes. Its unique range of clothing is also available in petite size, tall size, and plus size. They believe looking good is for everyone regardless of the body type.

Seamsfriendly brings the best crafts in India. Hand block printing, Dabu print, ikat pattern are some of the crafts these fabrics are made of.


A lot of planning goes into designing the upcoming collections. Seamsfriendly starts by deciding the mood, color palette, theme, and functional specialties. The versatility, durability, and breath-ability of fabrics are thoroughly looked into. Every garment goes through rigorous fit testing to ensure the perfect fit for all body types. Also, Seamsfriendly works with incredible, versatile, and timeless designs that have you covered for a special occasion or even a cozy day. These collections are not seasonal at all and are great throughout the year.

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Size & Fit

Every piece of garment is available in every size, crafting each style for the best fit possible and the best part is that all sizes are priced the same. A custom size option is also available.

Gone are the days of trying to fit into a garment. Our garments are made to fit you

Says SeamsFriendly

Eco-Friendly & Skin-Friendly

Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and rayon stick to the skin and are not breathable, Seamsfriendly chooses fabrics that are 100% natural. It is soft, breezy, absorbent, and makes your skin feel good. It is delivered in a reusable cloth bag made from leftover fabric that is 100% cotton. This bag isn’t just adorable; it’s also good for the Earth. Discharge of micro-plastics and other harmful chemicals associated with the apparel industry is reduced.

Artisan Made Designer Wear

Something made by hand only for you!

At Seamsfriendly, each piece is crafted by hand using traditional methods of weaving, printing, embroidery, dyeing, and finishing. The irregularities from being handcrafted add to its beauty making it one of a kind. Love is hidden in simple slight imperfections. Everything is locally sourced and made by the highly skilled artisans at Jaipur Design Studio.

Indian Crafts

Indian crafts are promoted by Seamsfriendly globally and local artists and artisans receive recognition for their work.


Versatility is the heart of design here. Multiple looks can be created with every piece. Every penny gets its worth due to the versatile designs and helps reduce wastage; all with one purchase.

Utilitarian, Functional Design

Comfort and style are blended together in these collections. Pockets are added so that one doesn’t need to carry a purse every time. From elastic buttons and zip closures to wraparounds and tie-ups, attention is paid to all small details.

Design studio

Here all garments are crafted and cut and sewn locally in the Jaipur design studio. Extra care is taken by the artisans who operate in full compliance with local, national, and international practices and laws. Fair wages, law-abiding work hours, a safe work environment it and social security are offered to all the employees.

With an array of dresses, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, short pants, jackets, and even formal attire, one can pick what one likes most!!

Seamsfriendly also pampers you in the fitting section, with so many fitting options for each piece. Also, staple fashion is created with natural fabrics in a 100% Eco-friendly way. Functional design details like pockets, manageable sleeves, and neck are a really good fit. Say goodbye to alterations with these daily wear items; all made with minimum waste policy at Seamsfriendly.

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