Sikkim – Nature’s Miraculous Creation!

Sikkim, a small place in the northeast of India but, a magnificent beauty, like heaven on earth with an inspiring history and traditions. Living in the 21st century has helped us in getting advanced in technology, but with a price. We are getting away from nature, our culture. This destination is one of those few places on Earth which is nature’s true gift with deep-rooted culture and customs which people follow to date.

If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, or if you want to buy a safe house near nature, Sikkim is the place for you. You can find all the peace, your true self with the help of this place. This place is nothing but a miracle created by the universe for the planet.

Being a part of seven north-eastern sisters of India, Sikkim doesn’t get the hype it deserves but is quite popular among those who are fond of travelling and adventure sports related to nature.

Explore The Enchanted State!

Sikkim is one of those places, which is beautiful all year round. Its breathtaking views help people get closer to mother nature and find their true inner selves. Apart from the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, it is the only Indian state which shows glimpses of rich Buddhism culture, which attracts many tourists and pilgrims from all around the world. If you ever visit this north-eastern state, make sure these places are added to your list.

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The capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok is one of the kaleidoscopic tourist destinations in the state. You can find anything and everything, from amazing food, serene beauty, lush forests, adventurous activities to mental peace, it provides your holiday with charm. Gangtok is the perfect place for you to experience serenity with peace.

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Yuksom is the origin place of many bewitching treks into the Himalayas or the magical Kanchenjunga. For those of you, with a passion for fitness sports, it is just the place for you. Famous for the oldest monastery in Sikkim, it attracts many who want peace in their lives. Yuksom, also known as the “Meeting place of Three Lamas”, has gained a lot of attention because of its pristine beauty and untouched nature.

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Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass is famous for being a part of the famous ‘silk road’. It is one of the highest motorable passes in the world, located 4,310 km above sea level, and connects Sikkim with Tibet.

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This place provides you with another level of relaxation and calm and is one of the most visited places in Sikkim with untouched nature and beauty. This place is a popular snow destination and holds an alluring charm that can hardly be found in any other tourist spot around the world.

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If you love animals and birds, this is just the place for you. It is a paradise for bird watchers with some of the rarest and endangered species of birds in the world. Above all, Ravangla also initiates some of the most popular and adventurous treks which attract the youth population more.

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Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

Last but not the least; Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden is home to many rare and exotic plant and tree species. Some of the orchids found here are only found in this region of the world with medical and commercial value. If you are a true nature lover, you have found your soulmate.

Activities To Indulge In!

If you need some adventure in your life, some excitement and want to experience some activities which may help you get near nature, well be sure of the fact that Sikkim will not disappoint you. Along with its world-class beauty, undisturbed and preserved nature, and breathtaking see-outs, this place also offers many sports and fun activities in which you can take part to enjoy to the fullest.

Trekking is the most prevalent sport in Sikkim. You can cover treks like Sandakphu trek, Goecha La Trek, Kanchenjunga base camp trek and many more, just remember to keep an eye out. Yak Ride near Tsomgo Lake is the perfect adventure as Yaks are very gentle animals and you get to experience locations that will shake you to the core. Hang Gliding is for those who seek out thrill in every situation. You can fulfil your dream, flying while experiencing some remarkable locations from the top.

Above all, the state also has River Rafting, Helicopter Ride, Cycling along the Silk Road, Bungee Jumping at Singshore Bridge and Paragliding in the capital city Gangtok. The place allows you to explore the traveller within you, you just have to try and leave the rest of this place.

So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket now and have the time of your life.

Bon Voyage!