Silo, The First Zero-Waste Restaurant In The World!

Brand: Silo

Founders: Doug McMaster

Founding Date: 2011

Headquarters: London, UK

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

How Did Silo Become A Thing?

Silo was first formed in Australia in 2011. It was formed when an artist named Joost Bakker gave the idea of not having a bin in a restaurant. This extremely inspired the owner and chef Doug McMaster who then opened Silo, the world’s first zero-waste restaurant. It has inspired many cafes, restaurants, and food corners to follow them on their path of being helpful to the helpless and being as concerned as they can be towards nature.

What Is Meant By A Zero-Waste Restaurant?

More often than not, we have witnessed big food brands or even small ones wasting food and not being much bothered about it. People eat half-heartedly sometimes and throw away the remaining food or if they leave it on the plates, the same is done by the restaurant staff.

To start with, Silo does not use even single plastic material in their day-to-day business. Food is served on wooden trays. Wine is stored in barrels from which they are directly served into the glasses. Empty wine bottles used are crushed and made into plates.

Uniq Stories - Silo, London
Source: Silo, London

Doug says that often wastes are refused even before being considered for recycling and reuse. They focus on minute details so that there is no deliberate harm done to mother earth on their part. The interior decor and design have been designed in such a way that even if they are disposed of, no harm is done to the environment. Everything about the place is nature friendly.

If more such brands start emerging, we can be as good to the earth as it has been to us, humans.

Silo’s Interiors Are Unique In Every Way Possible!

The famous Woodcroft from Nina+Co has personally designed the place to make it feel like home. She has been instructed to use materials that are nature-friendly for every change she makes to the place. As a result, some unique decor items can be seen in Silo.

Tableware is made from recycled plastic bags, flooring is made of natural cork that is carbon negative, walls lights have been manufactured from crushed wine bottles, foraged seaweed is used to make the pendant light at the entrance, etc. even the seats are covered in biodegradable woollen fabrics.

To everyone’s astonishment, some of the stools and tables in the bar area are grown instead of being made, out of a vegetative fungus. It is fully compostable making it one of a kind!

This restaurant is nothing like an ordinary eating place. It gives you the vibe of a well-thought and well-designed space, constructed by someone who is a masterpiece in her work. Doug’s concern for nature too is portrayed by such innovative ideas for his restaurant.

About The Owner & Chef, Doug McMaster

According to one of the interviewers, Doug is a very calm and composed personality, opposite to the vibe and ambience of his place – lively and enthusiastic.

Being a star chef, it is odd that he doesn’t bring all conversations down to food. He never loved food or got connected to it. He says his main motive was to work with nature. He finds himself strangely attached to worldly matters that compel him to act in a way that would benefit nature. His motive for opening a zero-waste restaurant was because of the same purpose. His high standards of decor and his ideology behind the whole food corner are revolutionary!

Uniq Stories - Silo, London
Source: Silo, London

Apart from his creative and artistic side, the main focus is on him as an organizer. The way he has set his menu is amazing. There are options to choose from “wine from a glass” which are served from barrels and “wine from bottles”. The variety ranges from oyster mushroom porridges to all sorts of local delicacies when it comes to food. It is simple yet to think that your food won’t go wasted even if you do not consume it completely is such a relief!

Overall View Of The Silo

This restaurant, with its motive visible through its interior decor, is one of a kind! To think of nature so much as to make the restaurant nature-friendly to the last limit is beyond philanthropy.

If you too are a lover of nature or someone who genuinely cares for the Earth, this place is your haven! Add this to your bucket list and visit whenever possible to enter a whole new world of creativity, artistry, and optimism. Also, don’t forget to fill your stomachs with the tastiest meals available, made from scratch.