Sprig – Your Every Day Gourmet Store!

Brand: Sprig – Gourmet Ingredients

Founder: Shaheen

Founding Date: 2013

Headquarters: Kerala, India

Industry: Food & Beverages

About Sprig

Sprig is a great brand that delivers the finest gourmet ingredients from all over the world into the kitchens of people who have a well-developed taste for food. The brand makes it possible for chefs and homemakers to expand their taste palate and add more cuisine and recipes from around the world to their table.

The ingredients are manufactured in the factory set up in Kerala, India. The brand came into existence when the shrinking world made people’s appetite large for global cuisine.

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One Of The Finest Gourmet Ingredients Selling Brand!

Sprig is considered one of the best brands serving gourmet ingredients to the nation. You can find the best and finest spices at your doorstep. In today’s time, Sprig has 30% of the global share in the Spice Oleoresin market, so you can blindly trust the brand.

The ingredients are carefully chosen by the chefs and the experts. Each product by Sprig is proof of the dedication and hard work of the manufacturers and chefs in the process of extraction of spices. The brand knows how to extract the best form of spices from nature and master the flavors and you can find the products at minimal prices.

Types Of Gourmet Products & Ingredients

Since people’s appetite for global cuisine had expanded, Sprig makes different cuisines, such as Italian, Chinese, Britain, Thai, Malay, and many others available. You can check out the collection of spices and other ingredients under the following categories:

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For the latest updates and more information about the ingredients, you can browse on their official website and check out the huge collection of the world’s finest and unique spices.

Shipping Policy

You can avail free shipping if you are buying products worth more than ₹298. Delivery charges apply when the order costs below ₹298 though the shipping price may vary according to the packaging, size, product, type, volume, and so on. The product will be delivered to you within 7-10 days, the timings will be between 10:30 am to 7 pm from Monday to Sunday.

If paying in cash on delivery (COD), only Indian currency will be accepted and the order should not be above ₹10,000. The product will be delivered only if ‘available’ is shown after adding your location.

Sprig - Uniq Stories
Source: Sprig


The packaging is being loved by the consumers. Not only chefs but homemakers too can try different cuisine due to the easy availability of the ingredients. With an overall rating of around 7/10, the brand has made its place in the market.

Further, the products are widely available and are pocket-friendly. You can buy the products from Amazon or BigBasket.


If you are looking for raw and high-quality black pepper from Tellicherry or the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar, just look up the Sprig. It deals with gourmet ingredients and makes them available at your doorstep.

The brand serves ingredients in fine packaging with premium and elegant handmade Italian glass bottles, aluminum tubes with perfect finishing, tiny little Spriggle jars.