Strive Forward For Sustainability With The Craftizen Foundation

Brand: Craftizen Foundation

Founder: Mayura Balasubramanian

Founding Date: 2014

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

The Craftizen Foundation came into being in 2014 to preserve and improve the Indian handicraft skills so that they always remain a vital symbol of the cultural tapestry. The brand focuses on speciality professional development and income improvement, as well as strategic values and business savvy assistance, to allow sustainable lives for Indian craftspeople as well as disadvantaged and inexperienced groups. The brand’s signature ‘Patron’ program aims to reintroduce the notion of patronage that previously flourished in the crafts industry. The Patron program is a great, cross strategy in enabling, promoting, and sustaining craft-based livelihoods.


Craftizen acts as Craft Planners, or footbridge builders, connecting the handicrafts sector to fresh possibilities. Craftizen Foundation, located in Bengaluru, has been offering skill training and employment possibilities to people with disabilities, females liberated from human trafficking and females and adolescents that do not have advantages over some other types of income.


The new corporation’s act was presented in 2013, coupled with the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) clause, which would bring in a large amount of funding for the development sector. Craftizen’s creator saw this as an excellent chance to engage corporates in taking on the role of “patrons” and assisting the handicrafts industry. The Craftizen programs have trained over 2000 beneficiaries from economically deprived and oppressed sections of the community in a broad and varied range of technical skills such as Banjara as well as Aari Embroidery, customizing, woven painting, a range of different adsorption from rejects such as used blossoms, broadsheets, adjustable billboards, fabric yarn, as well as woven waste.

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Source: Craftizen Foundation


The brand focuses on women beneficiaries in skill development programs, and over 75% of all our beneficiaries are women. Engraving publishing, printing technology, tailoring, hand beading, sketching, handfasting, sewing, nylon-based program management, and switching waste products such as orchids from tombs and occasions and non-biodegradable adjustable posters into flexible packaging are among the craft skills taught to some of these groups.

The brand also employs a combination of full-time as well as part-time workers. Architects, trainees, and activists are among the latter. Women have made up as much as 92% favourite of the human resources. Towards being truthful, it is just a matter of self rather than that of a conscious attempt at equality of the sexes. Anyone with a love for crafts and a desire to make a living is welcome.


Over 1,000 beneficiaries have benefited from the skill development programs to date, including poor and marginalized groups. The project’s sites are concentrated in Karnataka, Telangana, and Mumbai, and encompass peri-urban as well as remote communities in these metropolis’ surrounding areas. The beneficiaries are divided as follows: 40% are urban, 60% are countryside or peri-urban. In addition, Craftizen supports approximately 200 indigenous craftspeople around the country.

The marketing and operational interventions have provided craftspeople with exposure to modern designs that are much more appealing to today’s urban customers. So far, the brand has earned around ₹50 lakh in revenue for the many craft organizations with whom it has collaborated. The brand’s most recent effort, Kalashala, the graduate college for craftspeople, aims to provide modern and non-traditional craftspeople with both the information skills, as well as the exposure they need to become increasingly aware of a situation and public consciousness.

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