Strode E-Bikes: Relish The Unstoppable Ride

Brand: Strode E-Bikes


Founding Date: 2020

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Automotive

We live in a world where technology is advancing at a lightning speed. Every day we wake up to the creation of something new which makes our life way easier; thanks to technology. Similarly, we have booster bikes popularly known as E-Bikes to make travelling easier for you. These bikes have proven to be the biggest change adopted in green transportation over the decades. They have the potential to replace conventional motorbikes because of all the ease it has bought to its customers.

Strode E-Bikes is one such company that brings you smart, fast, and incredible riding experience with their e-bikes designed in California, USA, and made available to the world. They are designed safe and robust rides using the latest innovations in engineering and designing.

Categories In Strode E-Bike Shop:


Onn Rover

Rover is designed for an amazing experience and performance. The seven-speed Shimano Tourney gears ensure you the best riding experience. The puncture-resistant tires and removable batteries give you a hassle-free riding experience on the hills and rough roads.


Onn Carbon

Carbon is a sleek designed e-bike known to fight the traffic lights. The electric assistance gives you a better ride journey without disturbing your momentum.

The smartphone connectivity provides a check on ETA, battery efficiency and keeps you updated on your fitness data making it one of the best e-bikes In the market. With one of the best hydraulic brakes and magnesium alloy wheels that makes the e-bike light in weight, it gives the stability and power to ride faster.

This e-bike also comes under the category of city and urban.

Onn Griffin

With the capability to extend the range up to 80km within a single charge and 26” alloy wheels giving you the best design and performance, this e-bike ensures you an adventurous experience.

In addition to that with an onboard digital display, you have everything you need in front of you which provides you with extra stability and confidence.


Onn Pod

With the best technology and engineering, this e-bike maintains a sleek low design and the 26” – high carbon steel spoke wheels makes this bike one among the best electric bicycles on the market. In addition to the puncture-resistant tires, it also has a pannier to carry your essentials, hence giving you an easy and comfortable yet powerful experience.

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Source: Strode E-Bikes

Why Choose Strode?

Fast & Flexible

Being a top-notch electric performer, these e-bikes give you an extra oomph to travel miles without putting in any extra effort. With multipurpose cycle paths, they provide a refined performance, trendy designs, and smart connectivity.

Smart Connectivity

It has three modes of riding consisting of pedal-assist, throttle only, and manual.

They have a strong mobile app that allows you to control everything with one tap making it user-friendly and easy for the customers to use. It allows you to keep a check on its lithium-ion batteries which can outlast the longest rides.

Safety & Security First

With the safest features including hydraulic brakes, gel seats, and alloy wheels, Strode E-bikes help you get a thrilling experience of riding without being concerned about safety issues.

Eco-Friendly Bikes

As we know, with the increasing development in technology, there is something we need to worry about and that is Global Warming. These Strode E-bikes make sure that the level of pollution is lowered because they run on electricity hence, they do not emit harmful particles into the atmosphere.


With a vision to popularize e-bikes, Strode E-bikes guarantees you a world-class experience of speed, beautiful product designing, smartphone connectivity, and comfort. They promise to provide an incredible service for every rider who becomes a part of their perfect travel gadget existing in the market.

So buy a Strode E-Bike, an indistinguishable form of magic, drop the gear, and disappear.