Support Thousands Of Indian Craftspeople With Habba’s New Initiative!

Brand: Habba

Founder: Smita Ram & Ram NK

Founding Date: 2015

Headquarters: Karnataka, India

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

‘Habba’, in a literal sense, is a Kannada word that signifies “festival.” Today, the overwhelming number of highly talented craftspeople in the nation live in certain deplorable misery that the people are unable to enjoy holidays like the rest of the people. They either buy used clothing or utilize borrowed clothing. At Habba, there is a need to accomplish the goal of turning the everyday existence of a creator into a feast.

Habba has chosen a selection of surprise packages from around India for customers.

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Source: Habba

Handmade Dil Se Initiative

The outbreak as well as consequent lockdowns have wreaked havoc on rural craftsmen and weavers’ livelihood. Their businesses have ground to a halt due to a lack of customers as well as enormous inventories of goods. For something like the Handmade Dil Se initiative, NDTV has collaborated with Habba, an Indian non-profit organization. Handmade Dil Se represents Habba’s endeavour to reintroduce handcrafts in India and resurrect the fortunes of craftsmen as well as weavers. It has chosen a collection of surprise packages from around India for customers. Fabrics (retail fashion and hand-stitched), wooden, metallic, velvety, and pale grey handicrafts from around India are included in the artistic packages.

You can support the arts by purchasing these magnificent surprise packages for yourself as well as your friends and families. You will know precisely how much more of each market value flows to the craftspeople, according to Habba’s directed graph of true pricing. There are no extra fees or small print.

Uniq Stories - Habba
Source: Habba


Handmade Dil Se initiative is Habba’s aim to reintroduce the desire for handcrafts in Asia while also reviving the income of craftsmen as well as spinners. It has chosen a selection of surprise presents from around India for many people. Linen, picket, beaded, gritty, as well as pale grey arts from all around India, are included in the artisan boxes. You may now choose the kind of painting you want assistance with and acquire these lovely surprise packs for yourself and your closest friends.


Habba is a program that aims to deliver main ideas to craftsmen throughout India. This company is much more than a simple e-commerce network; it was created from the bottom up to make sure that craftsmen do not lose their jobs. The real price of every product provides you with a thorough analysis of the cost just so that you know precisely about how much of it goes to the craftsman. When you purchase on Habba, you will notice that everything that the brand does is geared at ensuring that the craftsmen association receives a fair wage as well as earnings. The company envisions a day where craftspeople would enjoy holidays with about the same zeal as everyone else.

Uniq Stories - Habba
Source: Habba


Revenue sharing is just another option for Habba so that it can maximize its influence on the creative community. It conducts a thorough examination of global procurement with similar or equivalent commodities before deciding the ultimate pricing. This information is combined with the impact partner’s cost of the object as well as Habba’s set processing fee of around 20%. When determining the price, the real expenses from service suppliers, such as money transfer costs, packing, as well as shipment, are added. The ultimate price displayed on the homepage is determined by the difference between global procurement as well as Habba’s estimations.

The pricing will always be less than the competitor’s since the firm considers that pricing is indeed one of the approaches to achieve optimal access to markets for the craftspeople. Aside from these costs, 100% of the product’s earnings are transferred onto another ‘benefit associate’ as well as ‘craftsman’ as a bonus and expression of gratitude for their particular abilities and work. Indeed, the brand’s objective is for its ‘benefit sponsor’ to use this single payment cash, no matter how very little or large, to enhance the industrial relations of the craftsmen, either through technological improvements or mortgages.

As a response, you really must consider purchasing these handmade crafts from the Habba foundation today!