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Brand: Biotique

Founder: Vinita Jain

Founding Date:

Headquarters: Noida, India

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

About The Company

Biotique is an ayurvedic beauty and health products manufacturing company set up in Uttar Pradesh, India. The company was started by Vinita Jain in 1992 in collaboration with a Swiss company. Around that time, biotechnology was not much popular among the masses, but Vinita thought of going on with this venture. Finally, with the help of biotechnology, the products of Biotique were manufactured.

Biotique serves a mission to satisfy the needs of customers from different backgrounds and cultures so that they can seek natural beauty with ayurvedic products.

Biotechnology-based products

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Source: Biotique

The products of Biotique are created in a way that blends the 5000 years old ayurvedic science with the latest technology and science. The company provides a wide range of high-quality products. All its products are 100% natural, ayurvedic, organic, eco-friendly, vegetarian, biodegradable, and backed by science.  The products are made in such a way that there are no harmful effects on the skin.

The advanced organic products are certified and follow strict guidelines and regulations.  The company uses potent plants, plant-based resources, herbs, essential and organic oil. The ingredients used are not toxic and are safe to use. The company has recently launched products for babies, keeping in mind their soft and smooth skin.

Types of products

The company deals with skin, hair, body, and makeup products, ranging from morning creams, conditioners, and shampoos to soaps and sanitizers. You can find Biotique’s products both online and offline and you can also search for products based on skin or hair concerns. The products are listed below:

Biotique - Uniq Stories
Source: Biotique
  • Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion 
  • Bio Papaya Scrub
  • Bio Basil & Sandalwood Body Powder
  • Bio Almond Oil Makeup Cleanser
  • Bio Green Apple Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Bio Cucumber Toner 
  • Bio Orange Lotion
  • Bio Royal Saffron 
  • Bio BXL Foaming Cleanser
  • Bio Carrot Seed After Bath Body Oil
  • Bio Fresh Neroli
  • Bio Morning Nectar Lotion
  • Bio Quince Seed Face Cream
  • Bio Imperial Patchouli
  • Bio Anti Tan Facial Cream

The categorization makes it easier for customers to find the products. Apart from the above-mentioned products, you can find good fragrances and natural makeup. You can also take benefit of the luxury collection of Biotique. Also, you can check out more products on the official website of Biotique and also go through their Instagram page.


The organic and chemical-free nature of products is the reason that the customer looks forward to buying the product. The products don’t have any sulfates and are less toxic than most 21st century products.  Each product by Biotique is being loved by the customers and has become a part of their daily routine. Consumers start their morning with Biotique products to make their skin look fresh, healthy, and glowing.


Biotique - Uniq Stories
Source: Biotique

Biotique is a beauty product manufacturing company founded by Vinita Jain in collaboration with the company from Switzerland for both men and women. They produce 100% natural and ayurvedic beauty and healthcare products to take care of the skin and hair with the help of traditional yet helpful solutions.

The primary objective of Biotique is to provide its customer with natural products with zero side effects. The company will be launching a holistic treatment center in Delhi. All the products can be bought online through any major e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Myntra, or Nykaa.