A Feature-Packed Experience – Get The Scoop On The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Uniqstories

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra strengthens its photography capabilities. Owners of the Galaxy S22 Ultra don’t yet need to update, though. Samsung wants the Galaxy S23 Ultra to be the ultimate camera for filmmakers and photographers. I am certainly not a professional filmmaker, nor do I consider myself a photographer. But after using the Samsung … Read more

Apple HomePod 2 Is Conservative

Apple Homepod - Uniqstories

Apple HomePod 2 design stays close to the first, but it’s improved in every way. The “all-new” Apple HomePod speaker from Apple is more of a remake than a replacement. There are no allusions to the original HomePod in any of Apple’s marketing materials, in contrast to when it releases a new iPhone or Mac. … Read more

Twitter Has Officially Prohibited Third-Party Clients With New Developer Rules

Twitter - Uniqstories (Third-Party)

It was unclear what the Twitter company meant when it cited ‘long-standing third-party API rules’ as the reason TweetBot and others were blocked. Twitter has updated its developer rules to prohibit third-party clients, almost a week after abruptly blocking the apps’ access to its platform with little explanation (via Engadget). You may not use Twitter’s … Read more