The Juice Generation: Now health & delicious appetizers mix well!

Brand: The Juice Generation

Founders: Eric Helms

Founding Date: 1999

Headquarters: New York

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes

The Juice Generation, as its very name suggests, is a juice bar situated in New York. It entertains thousands of customers daily who come in to have their signature juices, smoothies, etc.

The shop is run by an efficient group that believes in making a healthy lifestyle accessible to all. They work hard day in and day out to make this healthy lifestyle a habit for their customers.

The hard work seems to have paid off as The Juice Generation is very popular amongst the weight-watchers New Yorkers.

How Did The Juice Generation Come Into Existence?

The brand is independently owned and operated by Eric Helms who established it in 1999 to make healthy smoothies accessible to the people of New York. With so many fast-food trucks and so few health-conscious cafes in New York, obesity and health issues are very common in the city. To cure people of unhealthy eating habits, Eric took the initiative and started his brand.

Uniq Stories - The Juice Generation
Source: The Juice Generation

Fast forward to 20 years, The Juice Generation has become an important part of the daily lives of thousands of people. Eric has always been health conscious himself and this led him to be concerned about others. He is always looking out for new recipes so that eating healthy doesn’t become limited to one mundane menu.

What made this brand more prominent in the list of health-conscious cafes is Eric’s obsession with superfruits. He has discovered exotic fruits and has included them in his menu which attracted the attention of the national media towards this brand.

With What Motive Does The Brand Work?

This brand works purely for the benefit of the people. It includes the healthiest ingredients and the best sources to make the items. They support small farms and use only organically grown materials. With hundreds of recipes introduced to the world and new recipes being constantly added to keep the menu both updated and mysterious, this brand has successfully earned fame for its intention of providing a balanced healthy life to all of its customers.

Uniq Stories - The Juice Generation
Source: The Juice Generation

The brand actively takes part in charity and donates a portion of every sale to local causes like Harlem Grown and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. So every time you pick up a juice, smoothie, or snack, you indirectly support a local cause!

Is It Just About Changing Your Eating Habits?

Absolutely not! The Juice Generation is more than just changing eating habits, it is about changing one’s life. The older generation wasn’t so concerned about health and hence the junk-food culture prevailed. But now the Millenials and Gen-Z have become obsessed with fad diets and extreme workouts. Though the fad diets are useless mostly, what matters is the youth’s concern for health and a healthy lifestyle. It is not stuck to new year resolutions that come to an end the very next day.

Therefore, The Juice Generation has become as essential a part of a youth’s life as workouts.

Uniq Stories - The Juice Generation
Source: The Juice Generation

Let Us Have A Peek-A-Boo At Their Menu

The brand is all about diversity. Though they focus on a very specific kind, i.e healthy foods, their variety might let one wonder if so many variations could exist:

  • Fresh Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Acai Bowls
  • Juice Farmacy
  • Emteas
  • Bottled Juices
  • Super (Fast) Food
  • Bakery

This brand would make you sipping a fresh juice at the beginning of the day and feel good throughout!

Imagine having items from the bakery but at a nutritionally elevated level so that you can gobble down all that without a hint of guilt!

Each of the categories has subcategories and surprisingly enough, you can even custom make your smoothy by letting them know your ingredient preferences.

Uniq Stories - The Juice Generation
Source: The Juice Generation

Overall View Of Juice Generation

With excess restrictions comes the urge of breaking them! This applies even to our food habits. To follow a specific set of foods throughout your lifetime can be very intimidating and boring especially when you are a foodie. That’s when brands like this come in and save us from all the dilemmas.

It serves some of the healthiest foods all around New York. They neither compromise in quality nor in quantity. The pricing is such that people can afford it daily, making it an important part of the routine of any individual’s health-conscious lifestyle!

Next time your cravings go out of control, you know where to go to satisfy it all without being guilty!