The Phy Life: Men’s Personal Healthy Lifestyle Boutique!

Brand: The Phy Life

Director: Shankar Prasad

Founding: 2014

Headquarters: Thane, India

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty is gifted to every one of us by our Almighty. We human beings have the knack of showing off, so why not show off our beauty?

Here is where all the cosmetics come in hand. So many beauty brands are competing with each other at both national and international levels. Brands such as Lakme, Maybelline, Blue Heaven, Elle 18, and so on are available for women and some are unisex. There are very few for men and one of them is Phy – For Men.

What Is The Phy Life?

The Phy Life is a combination of nature, science, philosophy, and a bit of art, altogether making it perfect for you! Dermatologically tested, 100% vegan, Phy Life is a special grooming range for men, which is driven by the belief that good products are worth the effort, that conscience is non-negotiable, and that “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work. They don’t only say good, they mean it.

The belief of Phy is in using good science and natural actives that have been proven, to make effective products that work for you. Phy is a PETA approved, cruelty-free, and vegan brand. It is also a member of the global community, 1% for the Planet.

What Makes The Phy Life Unique?

The Phy Life stands unique and special among so many pre-existing brands. The reason behind this is that The Phy Life offers you what you want. It tells you what exactly you need to keep that skin in the glow and that hair of yours charming.

The Phy Life - Uniq Stories
Source: The Phy Life

The Phy Life makes all its products naturally, which stands as its biggest plus point. They only use plant-sourced ingredients. Their products are all based on safe science. The expertise, and passion, are what helps them to get it just right. That’s when you know it’s all good.

The second thing is if you want to sell something, make sure the consumer wants to buy it. Keeping this in mind, all its products come in smart, attractive dispensers and tubes. The way the products are presented arouses the desire to buy them.

What Is the Aim of The Phy Life?

In this modern era, chemical products dominate herbal or natural products. The aim of The Phy Life is to encourage people to switch to natural products. It encourages them to take care of their hair and skin. Their passion is to get it right every single time and consumer satisfaction makes all the efforts worth it!


Switch to The Phy Life – A healthy and natural skincare and haircare brand that will help you to take care of the charm that you hold.