The story of Urban Company: A Revolution in E-commerce in India

Brand: Urban Company

Founders: Abhiraj Singh, Varun Khaitan & Raghav Chandra

Established In: October 2014

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana

Industry: E-commerce

These days it is nerve-wracking to avail basic services and reach out to their providers such as plumbers, carpenters, painters, beauticians, etc. They keep postponing the dates; they don’t come according to your need, instead, they come according to their timetable.

How inconvenient! You fulfill the rest of your work and responsibilities so easily. But basic service providers often cause trouble. Have you ever imagined if it would be possible to avail the services of repairers, carpenters, and service providers in just a finger’s touch? Just as easily as ordering food? Well, who would’ve thought, but yes, it is possible! All your basic requirements in one tap! Urban Company has made it possible.

What Is The Urban Company?

Urban Company deals with the unorganized sector of society. It brings service providers such as plumbers, carpenters, painters, beauticians, dieticians, etc. to your doorstep. It plays as a mediator between vendors and customers. It has always been difficult to get these services easily. You are always supposed to keep tracking them down and calling them to get your work done.

With Urban Company, forget all those difficulties. It provides you with a platform to directly connect with them. You can get all these services with just one tap on your mobile. The process is completely hassle-free. Just open the application, choose your service and you’ll have your technician at your doorstep. It’s that easy!

The Founding Of Urban Company

Urban Company was co-founded by three friends: Abhiraj Singh, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra. Abhiraj and Varun went to IIT together. They knew each other for a long time. They both shifted abroad for better employment opportunities. Every weekend they would discuss plans for start-ups that could take off. They had a zeal for entrepreneurship and the booming E-commerce industry in India excited them.

Eventually, they got frustrated that their plans were limited to discussions and there was no execution. They decided to quit their jobs and come back to India. Abhiraj was in charge of arrangements during his sister’s wedding. He faced a lot of difficulties while trying to avail himself services. That is when the idea of Urban Company cropped up: India has a huge unorganized sector of painters, photographers, electricians, etc.

They examined and deliberated on the idea of connecting vendors and users, its functioning, etc. for about 6 months. They discussed their strategy with Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal (Co-Founders of Snapdeal). Almost every household has difficulty availing of such services. So, they decided to solve this problem. On their journey, they met Raghav Chandra, a technology expert. Three of them joined forces and established Urban Company in the year 2014.

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Why Urban Company?

After Urban Company, many other e-commerce businesses attempted to provide similar services. But none are even a close competition for it. Unlike other companies, Urban Company’s focus has always been on the quality of the services they provide. They deal with two phases: customers (demand) and service providers (supply), and they’ve always maintained a quality ratio to meet both demand and supply.

In the beginning, it was immensely challenging for them to explain to service providers how it can help them grow and enhance their business. Vendors didn’t respond well and weren’t cooperative. But when everything started to work out, they started contacting them and joining them. However, it doesn’t hire just anyone. They register only top-quality vendors of the city. They verify the backgrounds, experiences, and services of the users and then hire them on board. Urban Company works on a commission-based business model.

What is extraordinary about Urban Company is that it never compromises with the customer’s experiences. Quality of service has always been of utmost priority. They never fail to provide their customers with the best. They maintain quality among their team members as well. Only verified ones are hired on board. The team of Urban Company has a strong passion: a passion to make service providing easy and instant. To make it easy for you.

It has not only solved one of the biggest problems of every household, but it also gave employment to millions of people out there, with satisfactory payments and facilities. Currently, Urban Company is spread across 24 cities in India, and 4 cities at the international level. They aim to provide services soon in every city of India.

Admit it, you would have never thought that electricians, photographers, tutors, etc. would be available to you at your doorstep with one touch of a finger. Urban Company made it happen. It made it easy. No one would have ever comprehended that a business dealing with the unorganized sector would turn out as revolutionary. From ₹80 lakhs at the beginning of their journey, Urban Company today earns ₹116 crore revenue. Urban Company is your service expert.