Third Culture: Make your Beverage Healthy & Yummy!

Brand: Third Culture

Founder: Radhikka Kapur & Sandeep Kini

Established Date: 2020

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Industry: Food & Beverages

People, nowadays, are getting immensely concerned about their health, primarily due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are growing concerns regarding lifestyle diseases like obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and whatnot. All these diseases require proper control of our diet. That is why many people are switching to super-foods.

When it comes to beverages, it’s very hard to find a suitable alternative that is healthy and yummy. Most of the time they are not completely natural. It is impossible to abstain from beverages! And we all want a perfect beverage to start our day or to relax that doesn’t compromise our health. This is exactly what Third Culture brings to you.

What Is Third Culture?

Third Culture is a global beverage brand that aims to bring unique, healthy and super delicious beverages. All their beverages are made with extreme care and love so that we can enjoy our favourite drinks without worrying about our health. Their beverages are 100% natural, vegan and have no added sugar. Their primary aim is to give you delicious and naturally healthy products that you don’t have to sacrifice anything for.

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Source: Drink Third Culture

Nature’s Love For Your Health

Health is indeed wealth, so making the right choices for it is a sole responsibility for all of us. Third Culture uses natural ingredients to make their beverages and these include the necessities of our diet like ginger, citrus, turmeric, etc. All these ingredients not only keep you healthy but give your body nourishment to grow.

They use no preservatives and have very low sugar levels so that you don’t have to think twice before enjoying your favourite beverages. Your body needs beverages like these because of their high nutritional value.

Doesn’t Trade-Off With The Taste

Although health is a major reason to start switching to healthy food habits, if it is not tasting good then it is difficult to continue with it. This is why Third Culture pays extra attention to the taste of their beverage so that we can continue with a healthy choice and not lose hope mid-way. They believe in high nature’s flavours by minimally processing them and adding medium so that you get the best.

All The Goodness Intact

Apart from the healthy yumminess, they provide the ready to drink beverages in glass bottles because they believe in sustainability, you can simply reuse them and it even preserves the taste longer. They use locally produced ingredients and they prepare the beverages in small batches and give them all the time to absorb maximum goodness.

Uniq Stories - Drink Third Culture
Source: Drink Third Culture

Some Of Their Products:

  • Cold-Brew:
    It is made from premium Arabica roasted beans and is brewed for 16 hours to extract maximum flavour. This will give you your coffee in its original and purest form.
  • Sparkling Ginger:
    It is made from a unique blend of ginger, lemon, and Organic sugar. It is perfect for a summer drink and will give you an instant refreshing feeling. It has no other harmful additives.
  • Sparkling Haldi:
    This drink is made to highlight the nutritional and Ayurvedic value of Turmeric. It is made from Lakadong Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon and Organic Sugar. It will give you a special taste and a feeling of healing.
  • Coffee Concentrate:
    If you prefer your coffee in the purest form then this should be your buy. This is made from the best coffee beans and has no preservatives and only uses natural ingredients.
  • Indian Filter Kaapi Blend:
    This is the typical filter coffee of India but with only healthy ingredients. It highlights Indian coffee practices and the best-roasted coffee if you like to brew your coffee.

The Third Culture surely is the brand for you if you wish to enjoy your beverages keeping in mind your health.