Travel At The Best Rates With Cox And Kings!

Brand: Cox And Kings

Founder: Richard Cox

Founding Date: 1758

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Travel & Leisure

Cox And Kings is a well-known travel company established by Richard Cox in 1758. The headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Whenever it comes to seeking assistance from a travel company, it becomes necessary that you make sure it is a trusted source. With Cox and Kings, you can now travel with full confidence. Apart from that, the experienced staff is sure to keep you well informed about the best travel packages as well as available offers.

Indeed, with this, you are sure to travel to make the best out of your all travels.

Benefits Of Cox And Kings

The travel company has over 200 years of experience. With its vast knowledge of the best tours and rates, it is sure to leave you impressed. If you are looking forward to a tour or a private travel package, you can opt for the reassurance package with the help of a regional specialist. The assisting travel staff is quite dedicated in that aspect. Besides, Cox & Kings has developed working connections with the best local representatives in the field of travel and tourism, over the years.

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These are firms that have a thorough awareness of their nation, a massive system of elected officials and skilled guides, a basic grasp of Cox & Kings’ requirements, and, most importantly, an awareness of the aspirations of our passengers.

The travel company offers excellent packages at the best rates. Additionally, it has been following the low-cost policy for many years. The company believes that every customer needs to have a standard service system consisting of expert assistance as well as excellent travel services. Even if the entire planning procedure takes multiple phone calls or discussions, you are eligible to take full advantage of these services without any additional costs.

You may be quite surprised to find that most of the packages are offered at very low rates. Indeed, this policy is what makes this firm an ideal travel company since it’s accessible as well as affordable to many people.

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Source: Cox & Kings

Establishment Of Policies

The company’s discretionary income, which is created by the cumulative impact of the Cox & Kings family of enterprises across the world, enables this low-cost approach. As a result, the management is expected to negotiate extremely low rates for airfares, lodgings, and transportation services. High-quality tourism is not inexpensive by necessity, so when arranging a trip, it might appear as though there is a significant price variation between what appears to be identical vacations. When contrasting like for like, the knowledgeable travel team is certain that the vacations provide outstanding return on investment, given the amount and variety of amenities included.


Regarding your personal travel adviser’s knowledge and experience, Cox & Kings strive to offer the strongest quality of customer service, from the client’s initial evaluation to the thorough journeys and trip memos sent over to you hours before the flight, and eventually, in providing any information you may very well have after your trip. Whether you are travelling in a group or on your own, you will be welcomed at every airport, railway station, and dock along the route, taken to or from any accommodation, plus shown an overview of your schedule. The surprisingly low rates for such excellent services are worth the try.

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Source: Cox & Kings


Hence, you are sure to enjoy your trip to any part of the world, if you opt for the best quality services from Cox & Kings. In case you have any queries that you wish to sort out, then you can get in touch with an experienced travel staff or customer assistance team. It is a guarantee that the best packages, as well as discounts, will be provided to you at the best rates.