Trendy Footwear At Your Doorstep – Chalk Studio!

Brand: Chalk Studio

Founder: Nupur Nagpal & Aakash Saikia

Founding Date: 2012

Headquarters: New DelhiIndia

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Wearing high heels without the accompanying pain is every women’s dream. Don’t worry, check out the collection of Chalk Studio.

How does the story of Chalk Studio start?

Chalk Studio is a footwear designing and manufacturing store based out of New Delhi, which offers a variety of footwear. Nupur Nagpal, the co-founder of Chalk Studio always had a craze for high heels. Whenever she had a chance to wear and flaunt the heels, she would do so. Nupur Nagpal along with Akash Saikia founded the company in September 2012. They created the company out of love for footwear and had the vision to build a collection that has sustainable growth of all stakeholders and workers.

The story of Chalk Studio started back in 2012 when both went on the streets of Old Delhi where they met amazing and extremely talented skill workers and artisans. They decided to start this adventure with a 6×6 compartment and 2 craftsmen. Two of them didn’t have any guidance, no credit lines from banks, and no VC funding. As a next step, they began selling their products online and started to build a client base. Now, finally, they sell one of the best types of footwear online.

Chalk Studio - Uniq Stories

About Chalk Studio

The products of Chalk Studio are handcrafted footwear that is designed for both men and women. As the tagline of Chalk says, ‘put your best foot forward’. This footwear label meant to design shoes and sandals in a way that make its customer look stylish and smart. The most unique thing about this footwear is that you can order customized shoes, sneakers, and sandals as per your preference.

The price of the shoes is not exorbitantly high, the starting price for Chalk Studio’s shoes is Rs. 1699. The best part about the footwear is its colors and wearability- the nude, fun tassel, cute color is being loved by the customer very much.

Check Out Their Entire Range Of Products

You can find the latest and trending footwear on many online sites. Apart from the other online stores, you can buy the products from the original website of Chalk Studio. For more information, you can check out their Instagram Handle.

Types Of Footwear

There is a wide variety of footwear that is available at Chalk Studio. The following types of categories can be seen:

Chalk Studio - Uniq Stories
Source: Chalk Studio

You can find hundreds of varieties of comfortable and affordable footwear in the store. Since almost every woman knows the pain of wearing heels, Nupur, was interested in designing the heels to maximize comfort and look stylish at the same time.


Chalk Studio is an Indian footwear brand founded by Nupur and Akash which provides a wide variety of footwear for both men and women. The company was formed with the love and efforts of the skillful artisans and workers, who handcrafted the design of shoes and sandals themselves.

The company is proud of itself as they sell highly fashionable, designer shoes and sandals keeping comfort in mind. You can avail these products online and walk on the streets with these unique, self-customized shoes, sneakers, and sandals.