The Two Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man Go to War Over Denji

The War Devil and the Control Devil are engaged in combat over Denji in Chainsaw Man, which also depicts Nayuta’s comeback.

In Chainsaw Man, the Control Devil and the War Devil square off after Nayuta discovers Yoru kissing her “big brother,” Denji. The Four Horsemen, who are among the series’ most powerful Devils, are among the series’ strongest Devils.

The Four Horsemen continue to be the main enemies of Chainsaw Man Part 2 despite Makima having a significant part in Chapter 1 of the manga. Asa Mitaka, a young girl, is now the War Devil Yoru, who uses her to track down and slay Chainsaw Man. Asa falls in love with Denji under Yoru’s influence, bewildered that he is Chainsaw Man, so that she may utilise her War Devil skills to transform Denji’s body into a potent weapon. Although Nayuta, the current version of the Controlled Devil, also resides there, Asa and Denji are on a date there.

Denji’s Kiss Sets Off A Fight Between Two Strong Devils

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A potentially combustible scenario deteriorates in Chainsaw Man chapter #119. Asa learns about Denji’s house regulations, which were undoubtedly put in place to save Asa from Nayuta, who must be just as deadly as Makima. The third rule is “No matter what, don’t make out with me in front of her,” which naturally enrages Asa because Denji believes she is drawn to him. Just as Nayuta returns from walking the dog, Yoru abruptly seizes the initiative and kisses Denji. She refers to Yoru as a “thief” and then assaults her with the Control Devil’s chains.

Yoru’s face of astonishment suggests that she was not attempting to irritate Nayuta, and, likely, she is not aware of her true identity as the Control Devil. She probably just intended to increase Denji’s attraction to Asa to use her War Devil abilities on him. Seeing Nayuta again in Chainsaw Man following her introduction after Part 1 is also wonderful. Since she is already capable of using Makima’s abilities, full combat with Yoru has the potential to be extremely damaging.

The most potent Devils are Control and War, and it will be intriguing to see if they acknowledge one another as fellow Horsemen. In her few appearances, Pestilence seemed to know Yoru well enough, but Makima’s death likely caused the Control Devil to reincarnate as Pestilence, who is a completely different person.

Nayuta: Finally Returning in Chainsaw Man

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It’s amusing that Denji accidentally brought off a fight between two of the most powerful Devils. Nayuta views Denji as his own, which is uncannily identical to Makima’s actions. Yoru, on the other hand, has just come to the realisation that she not only has Asa’s physical attributes but also her emotional ones, making her attracted to Denji. The following Chainsaw Man chapter, which will hopefully show readers a fight between two of the most powerful Devils with Denji stuck in the midst, will be one of the most thrilling of Part 2.