Uncle Tony – Skincare that cares for Men!

Brand: Uncle Tony


Founding Date: 2017

Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Most men do not care about their skin or they do not have time for it. They let their skin be as it is. They do not realize how important it is to look presentable in today’s world. But you need not worry, Uncle Tony has got your back. From razors to shaving cream, to beard oil to aftershave mists, they have it all and at very reasonable and affordable prices.

Uncle Tony is the perfect brand for the youth, as their products provide visible results in no time. One can see themselves, their personality and their looks grow into something more alluring.

Why Uncle Tony?

Uncle Tony is one of those brands which uses natural, eco-friendly and organic materials in their products, providing the best-of-the-best for their customers. There are no to minimal added chemicals, which leaves your face with softer and gentle skin. There are anti-ageing and acne-prone properties too that will give a forever young and healthy glow.

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Uncle Tony products, Made in France by experts with over 30 years of experience in formulating, developing, and manufacturing skincare and grooming products. The quality of the material is checked before adding it into the products to manufacture only the best. Their products are developed in Italy, designed to reduce wastage and preserve purity. The brand makes sure of what they are presenting to their audience so that they can get what they pay for.

Uncle Tony also works with other popular brands, for example, Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart etc to connect with as many people as possible. It also provides discount coupons to its first-timers and regulars and generates sales on many occasions, which make their products the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones.

Make Skincare Fun Again With Uncle Tony!

Uncle Tony manufactures ‘tried and tested’ formulas by experts and professionals that guarantee visible results in no time so that you can get your money’s worth. Beard Care, Shaving Equipment, Bath & Body and accessories, they have it all. You can do everything in skincare at one stop.

Beard Care

You have grown a beard of your dreams and kept a moustache to go with it. But maintaining and taking care of your beard and moustache is equally important as the growing part. With Uncle Tony’s Beard care products, you can achieve that very easily. Their ‘beard oil’ is made with organic sunflower oil, which hydrates and softens that beard naturally. It prevents irritation, moisturizes and cleanses your beard.

Uncle Tony’s ‘beard wash’ is the key to keeping your beard well-groomed, clean and smooth. The formula has sea salt with remineralizing properties to maintain healthy growth and B5 Pro Vitamins to protect the beard from external aggressions. Their ‘beard comb’ is made of CR steel chrome plated which helps in removing dust and dirt, shapes and grooms your beard in minutes. And last but not the least, their ‘moustache wax’ has Vitamins A, D, E and K that protect them from climatic aggressions.

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Source: Uncle Tony

Shaving Equipment

For those of you, who prefer a clean shave, Uncle Tony has just the right products for you. Their razor Handles come in four different colours ( black, blue, red, yellow), which helps you shave close for that extra smooth finish. Made with German precision, they come with a push-button for better use. The blades they produce have an amorphous diamond coating that provides comfort and safety, each cartridge is a 5 blade system and comes with a precision trimmer on the back. The shaving foam has a rich creamy lather of this foam glides onto your skin and leaves it ready for that smooth seamless shave. Their after-shave balm leaves you with softer and gentle skin. The balm has anti-irritation properties which help your skin to get hydrated and lock its moisture.

Bath & Body

Personal hygiene is necessary for health and social reasons. Bath & Body products by Uncle Tony are just the things you need. Their face scrub exfoliates, softens and tones the skin, along with removing grime and dirt. It also repairs skin by rejuvenating the skin cells, reduces acne breakouts and eventually gives spot free clear skin.

The ‘shower gel’ works as a natural, gentle, and cleansing agent and surfactant. It has hydrating properties that dismiss the chance of having dry skin. Treat your skin healthily and keep it hydrated with ‘Uncle Tony’s Hydrating mask’. The combination of hyaluronic acid, bisabolol and salicylic acid makes sure that the dryness gets removed helping you achieve healthy well-nourished skin.

Uniq Stories - Uncle Tony
Source: Uncle Tony

Above all, Uncle Tony’s exclusive ‘shampoo’ for men is all about natural nourishment to ensure healthy and smooth hair growth. It has hydrolyzed wheat proteins that thicken and add volume to hair. It also adds shine manageability, and repairs damaged hair.


Uncle Tony also provides basic accessories which are a must-have for every male out there. Their ‘On-The-Go Hygiene Kit’ welcomes the new normal with 4 face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser (100mL), wet wipes and shoe cover. They also have guitar picks, for those of you who have a separate space for music in your heart. And a travel pouch, which is big enough to carry everything you need.


Treat your skin with the love and care it deserves with Uncle tony. From a clean-shaven look to a heavy-duty beard, they got your back. You can get their products separately or you can get saver packs or kits, which provides you with all the essentials and saves you the extra bucks. They also provide free shipping for orders above ₹2,000/- Trust me, you need Uncle Tony in your life.

Happy shopping!