Urban Ladder: ‘Let’s Create’ your Dream Home!

Brand: Urban Ladder

Founder: Ashish Goel

Established In: 2012

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: E-Commerce

Want the best for your home? Don’t look any further.
Urban Ladder has got you covered; offering the best wooden furniture online.

Why Urban Ladder?

Your home is a blank canvas waiting to be painted by the hues of your personality, life experiences, and beliefs. So isn’t it crucial for your home furniture to reflect upon your individuality, tastes, and preferences?

Urban Ladder caters to these needs by offering you a wide variety of furniture pieces designed with modern, contemporary, traditional, minimalist, eclectic, and vintage themes.

Not only does it have an array of options to choose from, but one can do so from the comfort of their home. Nowadays, you don’t need to exhaust yourself by visiting brick-and-mortar stores. You can avoid the crowds, inordinate delay, and endless bargaining by shopping the latest furniture designs on Urban Ladder, at your convenience.

Fuels Your Creativity

You spend precious time visiting multiple furniture stores, waiting for the staff to attend to you. Then you compare prices, features, and discounts and haggle over the final price, only to realize you are still dubious about the wood quality and workmanship.

Shouldn’t there be a simpler way to furnish your dream home?
If one can purchase phones, mutual-funds, vacations, and laptops online then why hesitate to buy furniture?

Urban Ladder is the one-stop destination for online furniture shopping; an oasis of calm in this chaotic situation.

While buying furniture online, you can see the features, benefits, and functionality of each product mentioned clearly. Herein you don’t need to rely on the staff to remember and convey every point, however big or small. You can even filter the products using certain parameters, to display results tailored as per your requirements. One can then compare these products and add their favorites to the wishlist.

Source: Urban Ladder

Wide Collection Of Products

If chosen correctly, wooden furniture has the potential to transform your home decor. Urban Ladder maintains an ideal blend of aesthetics, functionality, variety, and fair prices for all of its products. The platform lists everything from modern to traditional designs, minimal to intricate details, muted to vibrant colors, and compact to special sizes. Hence, it sells practically every type of furniture online to complement your interior design. So you can find solutions for all kinds of spaces like bedrooms, living or dining rooms, study areas, balconies, kitchenettes, guest rooms, entry foyers, bars, or even outdoors. One can also easily avail products that are difficult to spot somewhere else while shopping for furniture online.

With changing times, people no longer feel the need to walk into a brick-and-mortar store to get a feel of the furniture themselves. Although one can walk into an Urban Ladder furniture shop nearby to explore the wide range of furniture items they have for each category. Their experts will also help you choose the right wood furniture for your home. They will take you through different types of furniture and give you the pros and cons of each; so that you have all the information before making the purchasing decision.

You can choose any furniture that fits the bill perfectly without having to worry about your budget, as they offer easy EMI options. Irrespective of whether it is a big purchase decision like a bed or a small one like a chair cushion, Urban Ladder’s easy EMI makes the buying experience smooth and reasonable for you. The comprehensive multi-year warranty also covers rare instances wherein Urban Ladder’s material or workmanship might be found faulty.


Urban Ladder suggests a vast range of expansive modern furniture to seamlessly fit within your desired budget & design preferences. This in turn also empowers your decision-making. This platform has regular furniture sales and exciting offers on exceptional furniture designs, assuring you of buying the perfect furniture for your home, at the right price. So you can browse multiple categories, filter out, wish list, add and then buy products from the shopping cart to furnish your dream home.

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