Vacation In This Un-Bali-Able Island Next!

The Indonesian Archipelago Bali is a paradise for travellers. This place has a lot to offer to quench the thirst of a nature lover. The historical sites, innumerable temples, cultural treasures, iconic landmarks, the beautiful beaches: everything about this place is exotic and enticing. The tourism industry is the leading business in Bali.

The climate is pretty even throughout the year. Being an island, the geography of Bali is magnificent. Lots of beautiful beaches are the main attraction. This island is surrounded by coral reefs which is a fulfilling sight for the visitors.

It has several mountain peaks which have active volcanoes, such as Mount Batur. The highest Mount Agung, known as the “mother mountain”, is an active volcano. It is considered one of the most likely in the world for a massive eruption within the next 100 years. At times during volcanic eruptions, tourism activities become difficult and hence prohibited.

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So Many Places To Visit!

  • Tanah Lot Temple: Iconic sea temple: This place is not to be missed. This is an ancient shrine of Hindus and is situated amidst the sea. It is one of the best viewpoints and sunset view.
  • Uluwatu Temple: A temple high on a mountain cliff and one of the best temples in Bali. The ocean waves below the ridge and the temple are acclaimed as Bali’s best and internationally-known surf spots.
  • Besakih Temple: The ‘mother temple’ is situated on the south-western slope of Mount Agung – Bali’s tallest peak.
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces: This place gives you a very natural beauty & refreshing atmosphere around.
  • Kintamani: Scenic mountain outlook is a beautiful village, you get to know the life & culture of the village people there.
  • Safari & Marine Park: This is the largest theme park in Bali. You will get a safari ride to see over 60 species roaming within enclosures, and aquatic animals also are inhabited here.

The Beaches Of Bali Deserve A Sanding Ovation

The most exciting thing to do here is to explore the beautiful beaches and go surfing safely. You can discover your favourite coast in Bali. There are some unexplored beaches around the southern Bukit peninsula. Just find out and have fun.

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When You Fish Upon A Star, It Doesn’t Make A Difference Where You Are… Because It’s All The Better In Bali

Balinese cuisine is a unique representation of its rich culture and people. It has an indigenous feel that makes it hard to forget and leaves a distinctive mark on you. Through their food, you can experience the whole of Indonesia and the beauty of Bali.

You can enjoy diverse types of seafood or enjoy all-vegan cuisine. All of which have a universal flavour of ocean and environment. The food is generally very healthy and has a lot of greens on it too. And the most important thing is it’s very cheap and tourist-friendly too; so, satay away!

You End Up In Bali When You Follow Your Heart

For those interested in experiencing the art and culture of different places, the art forms here are vibrant and enticing. There are a lot of temples that highlight the ancient culture of Bali. The Legong dance is one of the most famous Royal performances here. The Barong and Kris dance also is one of the most iconic dance dramas which depict the classic tale of good versus evil.

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Something For Everyone: Do You Bali-ve In Life After Love?

This place acts as a dream destination for any tourist, and it will be worth spending each second here. The island is enriched with a combination of biodiversity, marine life and reef-building coral species. Despite being prone to volcanic eruptions, people can’t seem to keep themselves from visiting this little heaven on earth.

There have been no injuries or harm from these eruptions, which is why people come here a lot. Moreover, it’s very cheap for food, hotel rooms, transport, and shopping. Bali is simply the definition of a perfect vacation with your family or your friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!