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Brand: Vedantu

Founder: Vamsi Krishna

Founding Date: 2011

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Industry: E-Learning

Want to learn sitting in the comfort of your home?
Vedantu is the one-stop destination to cater to all your needs.

Vedantu is an Indian Interactive Online-Tutoring Platform that helps teachers provide tuitions to students over the web using a real-time virtual learning environment called WAVE i.e. whiteboard audio-video environment, a technology built in-house. Students are allowed to browse, discover and choose to learn from an online tutor of their liking.

Why Vedantu?

Vedantu is an incredibly personalized tutoring platform that allows students to study live from online tutors while staying at home. The platform has grown leaps and bounds; to become the best online tuition website in India, with immensely talented master teachers from the most reputed institutions.

Year-long structured coaching classes for CBSE, ICSE board, JEE, and Neet entrance exams are provided by Vedantu at affordable tuition fees with an exclusive session for clearing doubts, ensuring that neither the student nor the topics remain unattended.

It is usually the preferred choice of students who aspire to score full marks in their ICSE and CBSE Board Exams or to crack any competitive exam like IIT (JEE mains and advanced). Motivation is stirred in the best proportion with clear understanding. A good number of quizzes and objective tests like V brainer and Turbo maths are organized to impart knowledge and reward the best performers with surprise gifts, to keep them interested and eager.


Wave platform encourages online engagement with dedicated faculty. Revision notes and formula sheets are shared so that grasping becomes easier even when dealing with the toughest concepts. Assignments, regular homework, subjective and objective tests help in boosting performance as well. Even sessions get recorded for students to access for a quick revision just by a simple login into their account. Academic progress reports are shared during parent-teacher meetings. This interactive approach establishes a well-deserved academic connection between the student and the faculty.

PDF and soft copies of exhaustive subject materials for the preparation of target exams like JEE Mains, NEER, KVPY, NTSE Olympiads, CBSE, and ICSE board exams and school exams are provided post registration with Vedantu. Rigorous hard work by dedicated faculty complemented with the best study material makes it one of the most preferred choices for students.

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The Teachers

Vedantu defines its teachers in four simple words – excellent people, brilliant minds. Teaching is not just a profession at Vedantu. It is a commitment & a matter of pride and responsibility.

At Vedantu, an elite network of passionate personnel works as teachers who want to contribute towards better learning outcomes and performance of students. They are a group focused on bringing happiness and joy through learning. Most of the teachers at Vedantu have cracked the toughest examinations themselves & are well-qualified & experienced.

Master teachers also teach subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from 6th to 12th grades across CBSE and ICSE boards. Talent and potential are promoted through affordable prices at Vedantu. Free sample papers & important queries are solved and discussed ensuring 100% preparation before any exam.

It is ranked as the best LIVE and online tutoring website in the top 10 cities of India, i.e., Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, and Jaipur. This makes Vedantu one of the best recommended educational sites for an online home tutor at the lowest tuition fees.

To Summarise

Often students feel too shy to clarify their doubts in crowded coaching classes. Also, many students travel long hours to get to class. To break the shackles by liberating learning and teaching from the limits of location, Vedantu provides online classes that can be attended in the comfort of a student’s home.

Very few teams in India have a great sense of the education sector as well as how technology can be used for effective scaling. Vedantu is one such team.

So what are you waiting for? Register at Vedantu now!