VJ Bani – A Fitness Freak with an ideal body!

Name: Gurbani Judge, VJ Bani

D.O.B: 29 November 1987

Niche: Fitness, Influencer

Location: India

Industry: Creators, Influencer


Born and brought up in Chandigarh, Gurbani Judge is an Indian fitness model, video jockey, and actress. More popularly known as Bani J or VJ Bani, she has become one of the most successful fitness influencers, inspiring thousands of women out there. She started the journey of her career by participating in Season 4 of a reality show MTV Roadies in 2006 and ended up being a runner-up on the show.

She follows a strict healthy diet and has a disciplined gym schedule to maintain her fit, toned, and muscular body. With more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Bani J is influencing women to buck up and take a bold step in the direction of their fitness and health.

Professional Life

Bani J, also referred to as ‘Lady Rock n Rolla’, started her adventurous journey by competing in MTV Roadies season 4. And although she didn’t win the title, being a runner-up gave her career a much-needed boost. She collaborated with MTV for season 5 of Roadies, but this time as a host of the show. Later on, Bani J appeared on season 4 of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ as a contestant. She even went on to be the first runner-up on Bigg Boss season 10. And from that point onwards, apart from appearing on reality shows, she decided to mark her presence on big screens too.

She made her debut in the Rani Mahal movie, which was a period drama by Vikas Gupta. She tried her luck in Telugu movies too. VJ Bani was recently seen featuring in both seasons of the series ‘Four More Shots Please’.

Source: Tumblr

The Influential Fitness Model!

Bani J is a huge source of inspiration for those women who want to break all the stereotypes about women’s body structures by lifting heavy weights and building a muscular body. Over the years, we have seen a positive transformation in Bani J. From being a badass Roadies contestant to a muscular lady with an inked body, she has tried to set the bar high for men and women alike; when it comes to weightlifting. All the fitness freaks should check out her Instagram account at least once, to understand how dedicated she is towards her healthy diet and exercises.

All the hard work she puts in her workouts is visible in her perfectly sculpted abs, chiseled biceps, and excellent shoulder cuts.

A Glimpse Into Her Diet

VJ Bani - Uniq Stories
Source: Unsplash

Not just the rigorous workout, but a balanced diet is a secret behind the muscular body of Lady RocknRolla. Bani J religiously follows a secret diet plan which includes the following 5 items:

  1. Water – To keep herself hydrated, Bani J drinks a lot of water in a day.
  2. Protein – Six meals a day is what Bani J prefers & she focuses on taking in more protein other than anything else.
  3. Carbs – As she revealed, carbs are equally important for her diet. So she has included food items like sweet potato and brown rice in her meals.
  4. Caffeine – To boost her metabolism, she takes a cup of coffee before and after the workout.
  5. Complex Carbs – Complex carbs are important to keep the cholesterol level under control, so she prefers having a meal rich in complex carbs for breakfast.

Bani J keeps on posting her workout videos and pictures on social media platforms. She never misses an opportunity to flaunt her abs and inked body.


Bani J, VJ Bani, or Lady RocknRolla call her by any name you want, she will still be one of the most influential fitness freaks in India. She has broken all gender stereotypes by lifting heavy weights and becoming a famous weightlifter. Her personality and attitude speak volumes about her daily workout and rigorous gym schedule.