Walk-in Style with a Trendy Turtle Outfit!

Brand: Turtle Ltd.

Co-Founder: Amit Ladsaria

Founding Date: 1993

Headquarters: Howrah, West Bengal

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Turtle Limited – An Indian Menswear Brand

Turtle Limited is a public incorporation which deals with the manufacturing, exporting and direct selling of menswear. Set-up in Kolkata in 1993, the journey of the company started because of the efforts of its director and his committed team. Having seen the uncertainty of his Father’s occupation, Amit Ladsaria, always aspired to be a businessman and had the ambition to launch his own venture.

Although the company faced immense difficulties in the initial stages, its fortunes soon turned around and it quickly grew to become one of the top suppliers of menswear. The transformation from a company dealing in ready-made menswear to a leading brand has been truly amazing.

Turtle Ltd.

With over 25 years of experience and 100+ exclusive stores all over India, the company has proved itself to be a part of its customers’ journey thus fulfilling the vision of its founders. The story behind the naming of the brand is also quite interesting. Ladsaria regales that, he had seen many brands on the name of animals like crocodile, camel, and many more but none a simple animal like a turtle. Soon the idea blossomed and Ladsaria and the team launched an award-winning brand – Turtle Limited.

The company deals with A-Z menswear from shirts, jeans, jackets to belts, wallets, and many other things at a reasonable price. Taking into account the changing time and fashion, the manufacturers and designers of Turtle Limited have done wonders in creating tons of different styles, fashionable clothes, and accessories for men.

Turtle Ltd.

The dedicated units of this company work round the clock and that has lead to several accolades and honors such as:

  • 2007 – Apex Awards for the Brand of the Year- Men’s Formal Wear
  • 2008 – Emerging India Awards for Best Retail
  • 2010 – 100 Small Business Awards for Big Entrepreneurs- Turtle Limited
  • 2011 – Images East India Retail Awards for the Most Admired Brand from East
  • 2012 – Images East India Retail Awards for the Most Admired Retail Personality of the Year, Sanjay Jhunjhunwalla
  • 2013 – Excellence Awards for the Best Shirt Brand
  • 2013 – Indira Super Achievers Award for the best director Amit Ladsaria
  • 2014 – HR Excellence Award
  • 2014 – Images Most Admired Retailer of the Year (East India)
  • 2015 – ICC Retail Award
  • 2016 – CMA Management Excellence Awards 2016
  • 2016 – Images East India Retail Awards 2016

Threads For Life: An interesting Loyalty Program

To be in a lifelong relationship with customers, the company has designed a loyalty program named- ‘Threads for Life’. Through this program, the company is making efforts to create a bond with its customer by giving special offers and vouchers with unconditional benefits on special days, exclusive previews, discounts, and much more. By becoming a Turtle Loyalty Program member, one can avail of endless benefits.

Turtle Ltd.

Turtle Products Can Be Bought All Across India!

There are over 100+ exclusive stores of Turtle Limited along with over 1200 multi-brand outlets all over India. You can also find products online on e-commerce websites such as Myntra. In case, you want to want to get equipped with the latest trend and flaunt among friends and family, just head of to the website of Turtle Limited.

Overall View Of Turtle Limited

Turtle Limited is a wonderful menswear brand that offers a wide range of men’s products including shirts, T-shirts, Hoodies, belts, wallets, ethnic wear, and many more. With Turtle Limited there is no need to depend on pricey foreign brands to get sought One can buy any sought after trendy menswear at a reasonable price.

Instead of going for international brands, it’s time to get ‘Vocal for Local’. The brand has been awarded numerous awards and has already set a high bar for the upcoming menswear brand. The company’s manufacturers and designers, design the shirts and T-shirts according to the latest trends and fashion. Thus, making the customer feel satisfied & happy.