Wink Accessories – Collect Yourself In One Go!

Brand: Wink Accessories

Founder: Kejal Ruparel and Purvi Dhulla

Founding Date: 2011

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

A place for everything and everything in its place, Wink Accessories is your one-stop destination for everything trendy. ‘Show Class, Have Pride, Display Style’, a brand that follows such values can never go wrong with creativity.

Wink Accessories, dreams of every product that is constantly convenient, useful, easy to get a hand on, and amazing for its customers.

What Are Wink Accessories?

In 2011, the train left the station, when Kejal Ruparel and Purvi Dhulla transformed their love for travelling and started sharing it with the world. Their products are made in India with love. They began by creating a range of travel accessories that helps a person travel with style. The brand is best known for its experimental nature and how it modifies a trend into its better version. Wink builds a magical balance between culture and creativity, by adding that little ‘WOW’ factor. Attention to the minutest detail & uncompromising quality and craftsmanship are the core of Wink’s philosophy.

Later the brand moved its stations into other areas of expertise. They started crafting Stationery Items, Utility Pouches, Organizing Furnishings and Dining Adornments.

Why Only Wink Accessories?

Wink is one of those few brands that lets you customize your hamper, which can be used as a gift, either to yourself in a pampering session or to your loved ones at very affordable prices. It is a vegan brand so you don’t have to feel guilty while looking stylish. The brand offers coupon codes to its regular customers which turns them into their loyal regulars. And above all free shipping on all your orders. Yes, people, you heard me right, all the goodies will be sent to you without any shipping charges.

You pick up a name and you get here. Accessories for women, men and children; travel essentials for those who love exploring, stationery items, for those with a heart of a child.

Uniq Stories - Wink Accessories
Source: Wink Accessories

For Women, Various Products Which Portray Elegancy Are As Follows:

  • In Utility Pouches:
    Signature Set contains a set of 4 bags of different sizes which are thoughtfully designed for women who are always on the go. Everyday essentials, in this they have multipurpose and Universal Pouches and handbags which can carry all the necessary products with elegance. Multipurpose duos, set of 2 pouches with different sizes, one can be used for travelling and the other for days, or you can alternate between the two.
  • In Travel:
    Weekender Bag, which is made for those who like to travel in style. It is designed as check-in baggage and comes with a chic organizer to pack your holiday essentials. Duffle Bag, perfect for spontaneous trips and quick getaways. It comes with a matching pouch that can hold your accessories and more.
  • In Accessories:
    They offer various products like Passport Sleeves, a different variety of organizers that can be used for various purposes, flip flasks and much more, all made with elegance, which never goes out of style.
Uniq Stories - Wink Accessories
Source: Wink Accessories

For Men, Various Useful Products Made With The Trend Are Listed Below:

  • In Utility Pouches:
    Signature Set, a set of 4, designed with care for men who are always on the run. You can swap between the four sizes to store your personal care items, shaving gear and hair products. Everyday essentials have duo pouches, aptly sized for storing your travel essentials. Lunch bag, carry your food with the same suave in which you carry yourself.
  • In Travel:
    Duffle Bag, perfect for spontaneous trips and quick getaways. It also comes with a matching pouch that can hold all your accessories and more.
  • In Accessories:
    They provide various Passport Sleeves, Tie Cases, Flasks, which are perfect if you want to look trendy even on the go.

For Little Minions, They Have:

From diaper bags to travel kits, they have it all for those little winks. Made with love and care, they offer customized monograms on bags and pouches, so that young ones can look extra cute. All their items have a water-resistant lining inside that makes them more comfortable and easy to carry.

Make Your Dining Experience More Sophisticated!

With Wink, add an air of luxury and sophistication to any dining experience. Limited edition cups-saucers, bowls, plates and platters let you enjoy your meals with elegance, style and trend. All the dining collection is skillfully made using the finest porcelain intricately designed with 24-carat gold. They can be an indulgent gift on any occasion to your loved ones or yourself.

Let’s Write With Wink!

Now, could this be any better! Wink provides you with stationery items too, such as cards, envelopes and letters to write with style. You can either get them separately or in sets. You can write letters to your dear and loved once, or use them as house décor.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab great deals and prices on Wink and live with style.

“Merry Shopping”