Your Relationship With Bare Necessities Will Be As Non-toxic As It Can Get!

Brand: Bare Necessities

Founder: Sahar Mansoor

Founding Date: 2016

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Bare Necessities is a shopping brand whose main focus is living a life with zero-waste production. It was founded in 2016 by Sahar Mansoor who calls herself the accidental entrepreneur, though she belongs to a family of entrepreneurs. Through this website, she tends to promote waste management and inspire people to opt for a less waste-generating lifestyle.

How Did Bare Necessities Come Into Being?

The brand started to inspire people for a zero-waste living. Sahar was disturbed to the core by the country’s poor management of waste. She spent time with the local waste pickers and watched them sort out different types of waste with their bare hands. This forced her to think about the environmental problems as well as the health justice issues of the workers.

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Source: Bare Necessities

To stop being a part of the problem, she decided to find a solution. In her following a minimum waste-producing lifestyle, she realized it was impossible to find personal and home care products that didn’t have harmful chemicals and weren’t packed in plastics.

To create an option for the people who are sensitive about the environment and themselves, she created her own company, Bare Necessities!

What Is The Main Motive Of The Brand?

The brand is not all about profit. While manufacturing its products, people and the earth are its concern. The team of the brand comes up with creative solutions to manage waste, and identify the problems that go unnoticed or unbothered by other companies. Bare Necessities is innovative and socially conscious which gives it an upper hand in the field of environment-friendly products.

From Where Do They Source Their Products?

This brand relies on ethical sources from farmers and local vendors so that their products are completely safe and farmers get paid rightfully for their hard work. They emphasize the employment of women.

They also believe in selling products that are made in India by celebrating the beauty and richness of the country’s artistry. Wherever possible they add ancient ingredients to make their customers benefit from the age-old traditions and rich formulas of our nation. The materials used are all-natural, nullifying their harmful effects on both our bodies and the environment.

Uniq Stories - Bare Necessities
Source: Bare Necessities

Their Products Are Made Not To Last? Yes, You Read That Right

Since all the products of Bare Necessities are handmade, with zero use of chemical preservatives, and come in small quantities, they won’t last for years like other products might do. The shelf life is kept small deliberately so that you enjoy the essence of it while it is still fresh and gives out maximum benefits. To be benefited from each carefully chosen ingredient, a little goes a long way!

What Does This Brand Offer?

As mentioned earlier, Sahar realized the impossibility of finding personal and home care products without chemicals or plastic packaging. This brand, to solve the problem, offers products that are an important part of our daily lives!

When it comes to personal care, the brand offers products for body care, dental care, hair care, face, and also menstrual cups. They are all recyclable in nature! There are also kitchen products, stationery, straws, phone cases, bags, and pouches all made up of non-plastic, degradable material. You can also take care of your home with their home care section of products. These include dishwashing, laundry, surface cleaners, etc.

In addition to these, there is a separate section for gifting sustainable products in bulk. Eco-friendly home decor, gift cards, and gift bundles are some of the options.

Uniq Stories - Bare Necessities
Source: Bare Necessities

Zero-Waste Packaging? Amazing!

They try their level best to maintain a zero-waste process till the very end. This is why they have opted for this packaging method.

They use glass jars, wrapped in cloth scraps and paper scraps. The cloth scraps are sourced from local tailors and paper scraps are from their printer. The labels are printed on decomposable papers and to wrap them properly paper tape is used.

Overview Of Bare Necessities

In this era when a pandemic can be avoided by proper hygiene and waste management, we very well know the importance of zero-waste living!

The efforts that this brand makes in making the earth a better place are clearly visible. The ideas it implores, the creativity that is put into action is worth much more recognition and appreciation than it is getting. It is time to make an essential switch from toxicity to ethnicity.

To think of it considering every aspect, Bare Necessities is indeed a necessity!