Zack King – The Master of Illusions!

Name: Zachary king

D.O.B: February 4, 1990

Niche: Magician, YouTuber, Actor, Filmmaker

Location: The United States Of America

Industry: Creators, Influencer

Zack King, a filmmaker, illusionist, artist, and internet personality, is an inspiration to all. He started following his passion, dreaming about his future when he was just seven with just a home video camera in his hand. Now he is winning over millions of hearts every day with short illusions that amaze people.

Zack King started posting his talents online in around 2016 on Tik Tok and Instagram platforms and has gained massive popularity to date. He uses digital technology and editing skills to create video graphics magic tricks that he calls ‘digital sleight of hand’. He has won many awards during his journey that honour his hard work and talents.

From A Hardworking Teen To A Millionaire Adult!

Born in Portland, Oregon, Zackary or Zack King always was passionate about filmmaking and editing. At the age of seven, he used to record himself with a video camera available at home. Around fourteen, he bought his equipment like cameras, tripod, and Mac computer. He started working on his video and editing skills.

He was diligent and consistent from the very beginning. Around his teenage years, he developed a website named that provided tips and tricks about the editing software Final Cut Pro to the world as he could not find any online. At the same time, he started his YouTube channel in which he taught visual effects. Then, after gaining a small fan base, he started uploading funny vines and clips that brought millions of views from around the world.

He knew the importance of money and work from the initial point. He used to pay his college fees with the money he earned from his website and YouTube and Graduated with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts major. Since then, he has been learning, growing and surprising the world with the talents he carries.

Uniq Stories - Zack King
Source: Zack King

Zack King’s Secret Mantra To Success!

Zack King was filled with zest and motivation to do something big for himself. His dream was Hollywood, to work with prominent directors and make something that would blow the world’s mind. But, instead, he took advantage of the growing technology, the internet. He started doing what he loved and gained an audience that loved him for his original work.

Zack connected with the world with the help of the internet. One of his first vine videos, Jedi Kittens, entertained the world the most, got millions of views and became popular instantly. Because of technology, he reached where he is today and range out his communications to the world with just a click.

He started with a couple of hundred bucks, a camera to shoot and express, and a laptop to edit and upload. He became very successful on the way. He collaborated with Marshmello, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo and created illusions that shocked the world.

Uniq Stories - Zack King
Source: Zack King

Let’s Learn From Zack’s Voyage!

Zack King dreamt of becoming something big one day. He worked hard for it, did everything with the resources he had to become known, to have an image of his own in this world. With his unique and original approach, Zack gained popularity pretty quickly. He gained so much at such a young age, which motivated him to create more to do more in life and career.

Zack also became a TEDx speaker. He shared that there is a storyteller in all of us. We just have to get a pen and a paper, and the storyline automatically gets created. We just have to show our will, our zest, become something, and life will help us. He told people that their ideas and thoughts inspire others. They just have to create and show it to the world. You will get what you deserve.

Just like he invested a couple of thousand dollars in making a video and earned millions for it because he knew he can. With just one click, we can reach the world, share our talents and fulfil our dreams, Zack shared in his speech for TEDx.

Zack is now married, with two beautiful kids and still hustling hard, achieving more and winning millions of hearts each day.